Who Is Michelle Parker? A Woman From Orlando Went Missing Years Ago, Search For Her Continues Till Now!

Last seen photos and videos of Michelle Parker

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Michelle Parker of Orange County was a woman who went missing years ago and even after the intense police search, the woman has been missing for many years. The last time anyone talked about Michelle was two years ago and after that, she was back out of the spotlight. The last time Michelle was seen was on a taped episode of one of the TV shows and after that, she was nowhere to be found. Until now, after 12 years of her disappearance, there are no clues that she has been found. It is also unknown if she is alive or dead. Let us know more in detail about Michelle Parker missing case and her life as well. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Michelle Parker?

Michelle disappeared in the year 2011 and even after 11 years of her disappearance, she is nowhere to be found. She was a mother and a girlfriend who disappeared years ago and now after 11 years of disappearance she is missing. According to sources, Michelle disappeared the same day she appeared on the People’s Court, which was a taped episode of a show, and the two, Michelle and her ex-fiancé, were arguing over a lost engagement ring. After fighting with her fiancé over a ring, Michelle went to drop her twins off at school and that was the last time they saw her.

Last seen photos and videos of Michelle Parker

According to Orlando police, Michelle was last seen near the Smith’s Condo area near Goldenrod Road and Lee Vista Boulevard, which is in Orlando. Orlando police revealed that Michelle’s last location was in Orlando and after that she is untraceable. Michelle’s Hummer was found near a parking lot in Orlando and her iPhone was discovered under a bridge in Orlando. It is unknown how two different things of her were found in two different places and her disappearance is also unknown to many people. Dale Smith is Michelle’s ex-boyfriend and is a suspect under many circumstances in this case, but was never officially charged.

Details of Michelle Parker’s investigations

During the investigations, Michelle’s cell phone was found a month after her disappearance and neither her body nor anything related to her other than her phone was found. Michelle’s parents have repeatedly accused Smith in the case and also sued him in civil court for the disappearance and death of his daughter. Even after several investigations and years of disappearance, there is no clue that Michelle has been found and she is still missing. Officers often call Michelle the missing mom, and she is nowhere to be seen where she went missing.

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