Who is Mizkif Jenna? Mizkif Jenna Twitch Scandal Explained

Jenna Lynn Meowri

Mizkif Jenna: Uncountable viral scandals have emerged on social networking platforms in recent years, many of which have sparked widespread conversation. Almost all of these instances have sparked widespread discussion owing to their substance. Because there isn’t a single sober person out there, and something controversial always comes knocking on social media’s door.

Something similar is happening with Mizkif Jenna, whose content is causing a lot of buzz and eliciting a lot of responses. As a result, you can find detailed information as well as some unknown facts that are hidden from the users’ view.

Mizkif Jenna Scandal Explained:

Jenna “Meowri,” the woman behind the seven-day suspension of Twitch streamers Mizkif and Esfand, has gone viral with her images and videos.

According to the article, she made a contentious statement in a recent stream on why she is involved in the legal system. On Wednesday’s livestream, Meowri added, “Everything she has contacted her lawyer about is her being unethical, like simply being drunk on television.”

“She simply does not want it.” In a lengthy statement on Twitter on April 30, Esfand said that he and his friend Mizkif had been temporarily banned for the altercation between PAX East and Meowri. More information can be found by scrolling down the page.

The pair didn’t give it much thought until Meowri Esfand sent a message a few days later saying she couldn’t stand the joke and didn’t enjoy it. It believes it has resolved the problem on a private level and is no longer anticipating it.

Meowri’s lawyer contacted Twitch after a month of that personal talk, and she was suspended for seven days. It has the potential to harm their reputation, earnings, relationships, and, most importantly, their image.

According to her recent comments, Meowri appears to be claiming that she didn’t get her lawyer to file a sexual harassment complaint against Twitch, and that all she wants is for the clip to be taken down from the platform.

Others, such as Trainwrecks, were not pleased with her clarification. Train responded, “So you did something wrong, and that was an unprofessional act.” To make amends, you adopted Esfand and Mizkif’s names, sexually harassed them online for the rest of their lives, and banned them for seven days.

After serving their ban, Esfand and Mizkif returned to Twitch to a warm welcome from the community, and they were able to keep their brand deals and public sponsorships.

We’ve published all of the information we gathered from various sources. Keep an eye out for more information.

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