Who Is NYPD Officer Alexandra Vanderheyden? Shot Dead His Wife Sean Armstead & Her Boyfriend, Reason & Family!

As for the recent reports, a piece of very shocking news is coming up where the members of NYPD police followed Edward Wilkins’s wife after all Edward was having an issue with her wife that whom she was having an affair with on. According to the enforcement, they dragged his wife and so her with someone else coming out of the hotel room however he was being shot very badly after it came out to be a very dangerous triangle of love and it was a totally wrong assumption. Stay tuned with us for more updates and follow us for more. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Alexandra Vanderheyden?

So everyone is curious to know about Edward and now they wanted to know about the whole situation it is said that he was the boyfriend of Alexandra Vanderheyden who was a wife of a duty officer and according to the reports Alexandra was 35 years old and her partner was 20 years old. Then after Alexandra told the police that there is someone who is using her mobile phone and is been tracking her. After that, they both shifted into the car and they were trying to run away but the officer who was having an eye on them Smash them

When they were coming out of the pub the cops and the police were following his wife and her partner since alone time then add word walked into the hotel and get into the car however the car got crashed very badly in the road and then, unfortunately, Edward and away from there. This news is very shocking how can a woman murder his own husband then the visitor of the hotel came and told everything about the accident and the car got crashed where they saw both partners running together.

Edward was murdered badly and then he was taken to his family members who used to live in New York the cops also try to reach them by the mail they were not responding to it. The two officers of NYC police are getting hospitalized as they were also following them in the parking lot after that they try to resales his firearm and was a very project movement and Alexandra tries to get out and she wins and escapes from this whole situation but police and everyone can see the amount of blood which is visible on the road outside the eatery.

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