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Who Is Robert Tincher III? Georgia man kills grandma – Age, Instagram, and, more!: On social media, news has circulated on the internet that Robert Tincher III who was 29 years old has allegedly killed his 82 years old grandma by wrapping her in a plastic bag and putting her into the freezer. This news was shocking and many people were stunned when they hear this news. People are asking for only one thing and that is, Is he crazy or is he out of his mind. Why did someone put the grandma into the freezer? There is something wrong with his mental health. He needs to fix it. In this article, we gonna discuss what exactly happened to her and why did he do this. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who Is Robert Tincher III?

He put his 82-year-old grandma into the freezer for no reason. When his neighbors notice that the grandma wasn’t seen her for so many days. They started to find her. They searched everywhere but their neighbors didn’t know anything. And then they decided to call the cops. The neighbors tell each and everything about her. Cops have filed a complaint against her and now they are searching for her. After searching for so many days, investigators from the Floyd County Police Department discovered the grandma was in the freezer. Her grandson has put her in the freezer where he forcefully puts her into the freezer.

Robert Tincher III: Georgia man kills grandma

Cops have arrested that guy and their investigation was ongoing. They are interrogating him and searching for the evidence to prove him guilty in court. If the cops found strong evidence against him then they will easily prove guilt in the court. Many say that his mental health was not good. After every time, he needs to take treatment from the doctor to take his mental state to normal. But this statement was passed by random people.

Robert Tincher III: Age and Instagram

The exact cause of death was not come out. Cops have looked at his mental reports and met some doctors so that they will know if he seriously suffered from mental health or if he is just faking it. It will be only known when cops will identify the reports. It was hard to believe that a young person who killed his grandma with their hands and probably gonna sentenced to life imprisonment in jail. But if somehow, he gets bailed then he has to spend at least five to six years in jail.

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