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Who Is Sachin Thapan Lawrence Bishnoi Nephew? Age, Instagram, Girlfriend ad More Famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was murdered by Lawrence gang. Sachin Bishnoi, nephew of gangster Lawrence, has claimed that he committed the murder. He said, ‘I myself shot Sidhu Musewala.’ Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Who Is Sachin Thapan Lawrence Bishnoi Nephew

A person who called himself Sachin Bishnoi made this claim in a conversation with a TV channel through virtual ID. He said that we have avenged the murder of Vicky Middukheda in Mohali. First, he described himself as Sachin Thapan. When the journalist asked him whether Sachin Bishnoi was speaking, he said yes. He said gangster is my idol and uncle. Although the real Sachin Bishnoi is the one who claimed the murder, this cannot be confirmed.

Sachin Thapan Phone Call Recording

Sachin Bishnoi said that young Akali leader Vicky Middukheda was murdered in Mohali. The police investigated it. Several gangsters were interrogated. Everyone said that Sidhu Musewala’s hand is behind this.

The shooter who committed the murder had said that Moosewala had given him space and also supported him financially. The name of Moosewala was also taken by the Delhi Police. Despite this, no action was taken against Musewala. We kept waiting, but no action was taken on Moosewala.

Sachin Thapan Age & Girlfriend

Sachin said that Moosewala also got Gurlal Brar killed in Chandigarh. He was the brother of Canadian-based gangster Goldie Barr. Sidhu Musewala was behind this too. Despite this, no action was taken against him.

Sachin said that he did not want any fame for killing famous singer Sidhu Musewala. The aim was only to take revenge. He avenged the murder of Vicky Middukheda and Gurlal Brar by killing Musewala.

When Sachin Bishnoi was asked where did he get the weapons to kill Moosewala, he did not answer. Sachin definitely said that we have bigger weapons than this, which no one can even think of.

Sachin said that whoever is threatening us, who is saying that Sidhu will avenge the murder of Musewala, tell us where to come? The doers say no. When Sachin was asked about the next target, he said that it will be known soon. Sachin said that he had talked about killing Mankirat Aulakh in 2 days, but could not do anything. With the threats they are giving, one of them will die.

The post-mortem report of Sidhu Musewala has come out. In which it was found that he was alive for about 15 minutes after the bullets were fired. However, he died by the time he reached the hospital. Musewala died of a bullet in his chest. There were 19 bullet wounds on his body. In which 18 wounds are by bullets. Of these, 7 bullets hit the direct moosewala. The rest left after touching them.

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Gangster Lawrence has got a setback from the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The High Court has rejected his plea not to bring him to Punjab on production warrant. Lawrence said that the Punjab Police can bring him to Punjab and do an encounter. During the hearing in the High Court, the Advocate General of Punjab said that Lawrence’s name is not even in the FIR. Nor has the Punjab Police sought a production warrant.

After hearing both the sides, the High Court said that Lawrence’s petition was not mature. There is nothing on record as of now, so there is no basis for such a petition. At present, Lawrence is with the Special Cell of Delhi Police on 5-day remand. As soon as the remand is over, the Punjab Police will ask for his production warrant from the court.

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