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Who Is Saeda McKoy

An Arizona social worker, Shamus McKoy, has become the subject of interest among many ever since he became a participant in the popular reality show Come Dance With Me. Shamus is performing with his 11-year-old daughter, Saeda. Both of them are trending on various platforms on social media. Needless to say, netizens are searching for information about them and this is the reason why they occupied all the top trends on the internet. Do you also happen to share the same curiosity? Well, check out this article and get complete details.

In the all-new American reality show โ€œCome Dance With Meโ€, CBS has released the names of the 12 teams that would be competing against one another. Let us add that the teams will compete for a $100,000 grand prize. The show is all set to be premiered on Paramount+ on Friday, April 15. Talking about the teams, it is made up of parents alongside their talented children.

The parents who have left their particular day job to participate in the show have different occupations. It ranges from preschool teachers and doctors to engineers, social workers, and even the drummer of bands.ย Shamus McKoy and Saeda McKoy are among the top 12 teams. As mentioned, Shamus McKoy is a social worker belonging to Mesa, Arizona. He has joined the dance reality show along with his young daughter, Saeda. While Saeda is 11-year-old, her father, Shamus, is 30.

Shamus reportedly works at United Healthcare of Arizona, Inc. as a Healthcare Case Manager. The man has been working in the field for more than 8 years. Besides, Shamus has two years of experience in product sales too. As per reports, the pair is amongst three parent-child teams which will compete throughout the show and will also have a choreographer provided to them.ย Shamus is said to be married to Shannon who works as a nurse.

Sources claim that Shannon did not like the idea of her daughter being involved in dance so she stopped her. However, Saedaโ€™s father thinks otherwise. He always believed in his daughterโ€™s talent and decided to support her in fulfilling her dreams. Now, the father-daughter duo has joined the popular show and is all set to win the hearts of the fans of the show and the viewers around the world. Both of them have become an internet sensation and are being talked about on social media. Keep following our site for more details and news.


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