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Who Is Sam Ke Ting? Woman Gets Six Years’ Jail, Fined RM6,000 – Age, Instagram, and, more!: We all go for a long drive, have some fun with our friends, drink some beers, and chill in the car. We all do that. But when you drove while drunk then you put your life in danger as well as the lives of the other people. And the same thing happened with Sam Ke Ting who was driving recklessly and eight teenagers died. Yes, you heard it correctly. Recently, news has been seen out that a woman has been driving at night recklessly. She was coming from the party and she was fully drunk. She was driving at full speed. And all of a sudden, eight teenagers came in her way and she crushed them.  A crowd was gathered after two-three minutes and passers-by called the cops. The incident took on February 18, 2017, at 3:20 a.m. at Jalan Lingkaran Dalam. It was sad that the eight teenagers had lost their lives and doctors couldn’t save them. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who Is Sam Ke Ting?

Now cops have arrested that woman and put some charges on her. Due to this accident, she has been fined RM 6,000  and put six years in jail. Cops started their investigation and searched for the teenager’s identity. Cops have seized her license and can’t drive the car for three years. Court announced that She was charged under Section 41 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 which carries a maximum jail term of 10 years and fined RM 6,000 as we mentioned above.

Sam Ke Ting Woman Gets 6 Years Jail

In her defense, the woman says that she did not see the group of teenagers at the scene and that there was another vehicle that hit the victims and sped away. This version was never raised by the respondent during the prosecution case, he said in a report by Bernama.

Sam Ke Ting’s Net Worth

The court did not want to hear any of his so-called defense statements. Since all the evidence and evidence is against her and she cannot do anything to protect herself. She was young and still had her whole life. But due to her carelessness, she cannot do anything now. When this news came out on the internet. Many were shocked and can’t believe that she killed eight teenagers. The eight teenagers’ family details were unknown as of now. If we get any updates regarding her case then we definitely inform you. Till then follow this site.

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