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Shailyn Souffrant a resident of Bath Beach is making the headlines after getting detained by law enforcement. The police department was involved in the case after they found some links of Souffrant along with a subway incident that occurred in Brooklyn. The entire thing took place on Tuesday 29th March 2022 when a woman named Shailyn Souffrant was apprehended by the police officers and proceeded for further investigation in court. The case went viral all over social media platforms and the users are incredibly keen to learn more about the Brooklyn incident. Get more information on Shailyn Souffrant and her connection with Subway Assault.

Shailyn Souffrant New York Subway  Who Is Shailyn Souffrant New York Subway Assault Suspect Finally Arrested « CmaTrends Who is Shailyn Souffrant New York Subway Assault Suspect Finally

According to the latest updates, law enforcement took Shailyn Souffrant resides Batch Beach took into custody after she has been alleged to assault charges. The mishap occurred earlier in the initial days of this month when Shailyn attacked another woman and sliced another lady’s face over trifles. A complaint has been filed by the victim of getting assaulted and the police started their investigation by the end of this month the police gets succeeded in arresting the culprit of the incident.

At the time incident happened Souffrant fled from the scene after attacking an unidentified woman. As and when the case was filed and police began legal proceedings they took assistance from the surveillance cameras to get images of the culprit of the attack that occurred at the metro station around a week later. As far as the case discussed we came to know that Souffrant has been charged with assaulting another lady for food. Along with that Souffrant was living at Bath Beach also charged for initiating violence abroad at a Dtrain at around 10:30 PM on 16th March.

As per the current circumstances, the accused lady has been arrested by the police officer and proceeded to Brooklyn criminal court. It was released in the court that she got engaged in a brawl with a woman who was eating the food. Souffrant approached her and pleads with her to stop eating just take out a sharp knife and sliced both sides of her face when she the 33 years old refuses to accept her request.

Souffrant eloped from the scene and the victim was rushed to the NYU Langone Hospital and is reported in a stable condition lately. Shailyn Souffrant is just 22 years old so far and engaged in such insane crime and that’s too without any reason. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.

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