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Stanley Clerveaux, 25, is a Tampa police officer who was arrested on the price of Solicitation of Prostitution. Clerveaux was employed as a recruit in 2020 and sworn in as an officer in May 2021, consistent with Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor on Wednesday evening.

“To say this is frustrating would be an understatement,” Chief O’Connor remarked. “We chose him as a police recruit scholarship recipient and sworn in as an officer after recognizing his potential.”

That’s former USF WR Stanley Clerveaux…yikes https://t.co/WKFOTLbqT3

— Steeg (@RobertSteegLife)
July 20, 2022

“I don’t want this information to overshadow the good job done by the Tampa Police Department. I want the community we serve to know that we uphold the high standards of honesty that they should expect from their public officials.”

Clerveaux has no historic previous of disciplinary movement with the TPD, consistent with the chief. Tampa police reported that he has been stripped of his duties awaiting an interior inquiry.

The TPD has not disclosed any data on what led to Clerveaux’s arrest. The bond for Clerveaux was set at $500, nonetheless, he has already bonded out.

People are moreover assuming him to be a USF soccer participant given that age and the establish matched, nonetheless, it isn’t confirmed. 

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