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Who Is Taylor Pomaski? Human Remains Found in Texas Identified as missing GF of ex-NFL Player Kevin Ware, #Taylor #Pomaski #Human #Remains #Texas #Identified #missing #exNFL #Player #Kevin #Ware Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

Harris Country, Texas: Texas officials have recognized the remains of Taylor Promaski, a lady who has been reported missing since May 2021. Polaski had the girlfriend of the ex NFL player Kevin Ware, as confirmed by Harry County Sheriff’s Office Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliand. The remains found during a search of Harris County in the north in late 2021 belonged to a 29-year-old woman, as Gilliland confirmed in a mail sent to the public. He also said that the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences has officially determined this.

who is taylor pomaski  Who Is Taylor Pomaski? Human Remains Found In Texas Identified As Missing GF Of Ex-NFL Player Kevin Ware « CmaTrends Who Is Taylor Pomaski Human Remains Found in Texas Identified

The senior deputy wrote in his mail,” Still the investigation is open and active and homicide investigators are diligent in starting this case to a close.” As per KPRC- TV, deputies have said that they no doubt have been arrested because of now in connections to the Pomaski case. The cause of death, the results of the toxicology report and other official statements are yet to be revealed as per th outlet. The outlet shared in June 2021 that Pomaski’s family reported her missing in mid-May that year. The 29-year-old’s family told authorities and officials that suspected their daughter had been in possible danger.

Who Is Taylor Pomaski?

The Harris Country Sheriff’s office said that Promaski saw last on 25 April 2021, when she was at a party at her Stallion Brooks Lane home in Spring, Texas investigators look to think that Promaski may have been a victim of foul play. Pomaski’s dad Stephen Pomaski, during the interview with BC-13, said that the family realized they were not spoken to Taylor since April. They realized this on mother’s day. He told the new station, ” it kind of hit us early in the day. We have not listen from her in a week and a half, two weeks at this time.

On the other side, Taylor Pomaski’s boyfriend and ex NFL player Kevin Ware had been arrested in April in Montgomery country and had changed with two counts of possession with the intention of delivering a controlled substance, in addition to illegally possessing a fireman as a felon. The former San Francisco 49er had been released on a $23,000 bond on April 20, 2021, five days before Pomaski went missing. Ware had arrested on June 11 for failing to appear in court for the second time and check-in at the probation office.

A judge ordered Ware to be kept without bail, KPRC-TV reported. In December 2021, Pomaski’s remains were discovered as investigators and Texas Equisearch combed through an undisclosed site in northern Harris County. Investigators were not able instantly the remains but believed they were linked to Pomaski’s disappearance. According to inmate records, ware currently remains in Montgomery Country jail. Stay tuned for more updates.

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