Who Is Terrance Santistevan? Man Wanted For Double Homicide Arrested Wiki Biography

Terrance Santistevan

According to reports, Terrance Santistevan, an 18-year-old man, was arrested in connection to a double homicide. The officials took him into custody in Central Texas on Saturday, April 30, 2022. The teenager was wanted by the officials for a long time. After a prolonged investigation, the authority detained the culprit. The news has spread on the internet and has grabbed the keen interest of everyone. Ever since the teen boy’s name has been trending on social media as everyone wants to know about him and the case he is associated with.

Reports further confirm that two women of age 17 and 18 were shot to death by the said man who was wanted in the case as well. Following the incident, the Superior Court of the State of Arizona in Pinal County issued a homicide warrant for Santistevan on April 29. Since then the teenager was wanted by the officials. However, the searching came to an end on April 30, as the man was arrested by the members of a U.S. Marshals-led task force.

Reportedly, the man was detained in Pflugerville, at the intersection of Copper Mine Drive and Colorado Sand Drive. Multiple sources state that two ladies were shot dead in a residence. The neighbors happened to hear the sound of the bullet and informed the police about it. After being informed about the incident, the officials reached the scene and reportedly chased the alleged suspect. It is no doubt to state that they were able to detain the suspect with the help of the information obtained from the neighborhood people and neighbors.

Despite being informed, the officials could not catch the culprit the same day the incident happened, and taking the safety of other people into consideration, the court issued a warrant against him. Earlier the identity of the deceased ladies was not disclosed but as per reports, the women have been identified as 17-year-old Danielle Murrieta and 18-year-old Leslie Cota. According to the reports, Terrance Santistevan killed the ladies by shooting.

The incident reportedly took place in a close-by residence. After that incident, Terrance was wanted for a double homicide that happened in Casa Grande, Arizona. Now, it is coming forward that the Austin Divison of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force found and detained Santistevan. Later, the man was transported and booked into the Travis County jail where he will await a judicial proceeding and extradition back to Arizona. Follow our site for more updates!

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