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The police are looking for a TikTok prankster who was caught on camera entering a house without permission. What occurred next is incredibly fascinating, you are expected to peruse the article and keep perusing for additional subtleties.

Who Is TikTok Prankster Mizzy?
arrested over videoIn various other clips, Bacari Ogarro, who is known as the nickname as ‘Mizzy’ seems to enter a man’s car claiming to be ‘his Uber’, pester people on a train, rip up books in a library, and rode an e-bike through a branch of Sainsbury’s. Currently, police officials are looking for a TikTok prankster who filmed himself appearing to enter a private home uninvited.
Mizzy, of Manor Road, Hackney, appeared at Thames Magistrates Court on Wednesday in relation to the video. He was issued a criminal behaviour.

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