Who is Timothy Wiltsey Mother Michelle Lodzinski? NJ Case of 5-year-old’s Death, Mom to appear on NBC’s ‘Dateline’

Timothy Wiltsey Mother Michelle Lodzinski

Michelle Lodzinski, who was suspected of killing her 5-year-old son in 1991, will be investigated by NBC’s “Dateline” on Friday evening, bringing one of Central Jersey’s most notorious murder cases into the national limelight. “Dateline” will broadcast a two-hour special on Lodzinski and the 1991 abduction and death of her son Timothy Wiltsey at 9 PM on Friday. The show will air four months after the state Supreme Court reversed Lodzinski’s conviction. Let us find out the complete details of the case and check what happened to the child and if he was killed by his mother.

Former New Jersey State Police Detective Keith Hackett, retired State Police, Detective Sgt. Jerry Lewis, Timothy Wiltsey’s cousin Jennifer Dilcher, Lodzinski’s sister Linda Hisey, and Wiltsey’s childhood friend Tara Packard will be interviewed by Dateline journalist Andrea Canning. According to her attorney Gerald Krovatin, who was interviewed alongside defense counsel David Fassett, Lodzinski declined to be interviewed for the broadcast. Throughout the trial, Hisey was resolute in her support for her younger sister.

Who Is Michelle Lodzinski?

Timothy’s babysitter, Dilcher, testified at the trial that she identified the blue blanket recovered with Timothy’s remains in 1992 as belonging to her aunt, Michelle Lodzinski, who lives in South Amboy. She was one of three babysitters that identified Timothy’s blanket as his. Packard submitted a letter to the court before Lodzinski was imprisoned for Timothy’s murder detailing a secret she and Timothy shared after they found their rooms shared a wall they would both knock-on.

Packard, a kindergarten classmate, stayed awake in bed the night Timothy went missing, frightened about her friend, and banged on the wall in the middle of the night, hoping he had been located. She pressed her ear to the wall, expecting a knock, but it never came. Lodzinski was released from prison in late December 2021, just hours after the New Jersey Supreme Court overturned her 2016 murder conviction in the death of her son 30 years earlier, in one of Middlesex County’s oldest unresolved cases.

The prosecution provided no direct or inferential evidence that Lodzinski purposefully or deliberately caused her son’s death, according to the supreme court. Lodzinski will not be tried again for her son’s death as a result of the acquittal. Medical experts did not determine the cause of Timothy’s death but it was reported that the manner of death was a homicide. Stay tuned to our site to get more updates and the latest news around the world.

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