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The day is starting with leaked news and ends with leaked news. It seems like the morality of some people are lost as they are constantly leaking their private photos and video fearlessly on social media. They don’t even care that they are continuously violating the community guidelines. One more leaked video surfaced on the web and break the ethics of the internet. By now you must have understood which video we are talking about, yes you are assuming right we are talking about the leaked video of “The Torito Tec video* which is currently viral on social media platforms, particularly on Reddit and Twitter. Follow our website CmaTrends for more updates!!!!

Torito Tec Video Leaked

The leaked video of Torito Tec is currently trending on the web and pulling attention. Ever since the video surfaced, people are keenly looking for the link to the video and desperately searching about it on Google. People are also keen to know every detail of the video and if you are one of that people who wants the link to the video as well as information about it then you are in the right place. In the viral video, we can watch a lady and waiter are seen doing a hot and * dance which is pulling the attention of everyone.

Who is Torito Tec? Real Name & Instagram

This video shot in Torito Sinaloense is currently going viral on the web. The dance moves of both the people are very * and steamy. The lady who is captured in the videos was a customer of the restaurant. The shocking explicit dance of a waiter and customer was filmed at a South Monterey restaurant, As per the reports, the video instantly start trending and fastly getting viral on social media. However, it is yet not know who posted this video and how it gets viral on the web.

Torito Tec Full Scandal Private MMS CCTV

As per the reports, the event has happened last weekend in a famous business place called Torito Sinaloense. This motel is located at the intersection of Agroonomos Street and Estado Avenue in the neighborhood of Tecnologico. An account under the user name, @SurvivorFenix wrote a Tweet alongside the viral video which reads that ” Pals, I came to this place to enjoy dinner and I recommend Torito Tech 100% family and lovely atmosphere.”

In the posted video, we can watch the customer and waiter dancing while the waiter embraces the young lady, who was seen lifting her shirt which is entirely showing her chest. Within the moment, the restaurant staff took the advantage of this Moment and kiss on the [email protected] of the lady. Ever since the video went viral, the waiter was recognized as Carlos Onofre as his Facebook account was identified and he was terminated from his job. On the other side, the young lady who viewed the video is identified as an Onlyfans model who used to sell her explicit content on her Account and her name is Magaly Medina.


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