Who killed Annastasia ‘Annie’ Hester? Check Her Cause of Death What Happened To Her?

Anastasia ‘Annie’ Hester this name is currently getting a lot of public attention on social media, so in today’s article, we’ll discuss, and answer the most widely asked questions by the netizens such as who Annastasia ‘Annie’ Hester? What happened to her? Why is she trending? In today’s article, we will answer all of your questions so stay tuned with us and read till the end. So as you all know this name is currently getting a lot of hype on social media, so the reason behind this is a new Dateline episode, in which her murder story will be telecasted and thus her name is being trended all over the social media. So as you Annie Hester got murdered and her story is going to be telecasted in one of the upcoming episodes of Dateline, but you all must be wondering about the backstory of her murder, don’t worry we will tell you that too.

Annastasia ‘Annie’ Hester was a native of Oregon. She was born in the year 1981. According to the reports, she was an ordinary woman, she lived a normal life. Her friends and known ones recalled her as a simple and nice woman, who never indulged in anything wrong or misappropriate. But she was in the headlines back in the year 2016. In the year 2016, she called the police and reported that she has been attacked in her condo. She called the police and stated that she had been stabbed and someone tried to kill her. While talking to the officer when the officer asked where has she been stabbed, Annie replied all over.

As soon as police got this call they rushed to her apartment named Gresham Appartement and found her brutally wounded by the multiple stabs in her body. The officers immediately rushed her to the nearby hospital and later during the treatment she passed away. As soon as she passed away, police started an investigation to find her murderer. This investigation lasted for more than 1 year. In the year 2017, police officers arrested a suspect named Angela McCraw- Hester. Angela was arrested by the police officer under suspicion and connection with Annie’s murder.

Angela was the wife of Annie’s ex-husband. Annie and her ex-husband were fighting a legal battle in the court for the custody of their daughter. It is claimed that Annie’s ex-husband stated in court that Annie wasn’t a good mother to their daughter and that’s the reason why she doesn’t deserve the custody of their daughter. Annie was a very nice woman according to the reports, she was working full time to support her daughter. She kept up with all the expenses of her daughter as previously the court gave her full custody of her daughter. While Annie was a hardworking woman, on the other side Her ex and his wife Angela were living their life on government assistance.

During the investigation, it was proved that Annie’s ex-husband and his wife Angela were involved in her murder. Both duos were presented in the court and were served with the punishment. This brutal murder story of such a wonderful person will be telecasted in the episode of Dateline.

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