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Who Killed Jitu Choudhary? Delhi Bjp Leader Shot Dead – Age, Wife, Family: Nowadays, crimes have been increasing day by day. Anything will happen in any corner of the world whether it’s a small or a big crime. Recently, news has been seen out that a Local BJP Leader, Jitu Choudhary has been shot dead outside his home. It was sad that another great person has lost his life. He was quite good in terms of working and serving his country. Sometimes, many people reached out to him and asked for the great advice. But there will be only a few people who would have taken advice from him. In this article, we gonna discuss how he died and what his death caused. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was Jitu Choudhary?

Jitu Choudhary has been passed away at the age of 42. According to cops, he was shot and killed by two unknown bikers. The victim’s identity was not known yet. Cops have started their investigation and they are looking into each and every aspect of this case.  According to reports, Jitu was talking to a few people outside his residence on Wednesday when he was attacked with four bullets by two unidentified bikers.

Delhi Bjp Leader Shot Dead

The accused shot the BJP leader in the head which leads to his death. Neighbors say that, when he was shot, Jitu was immediately rushed to Noida’s metro hospital where doctors declared him dead. If he reaches on time then there is a chance that we save him but as of now, he was officially dead. We couldn’t help him anymore.

This news has shaken the entire internet. Users who follow him, and who take advice from him are very sad. When this news came out to the media, many police officers have take strict action and started investigating the case. They are looking at all cameras, interrogating his neighbors and his colleagues to get some information about the unknown bikers.


But it looks like, cops didn’t get any clue regarding the victims. They also checked the CCTV footage to get the bike number plate. But the clarity of CCTV was so bad that they can’t even read it clearly. Cops are facing so many difficulties to get evidence of the bikers. Their identity was unknown as of now. If something would came out or any update will come then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.

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