Who Vote Out From MTV Roadies 18 This Week?

MTV Roadies 2022 Elimination: Who Vote Out From MTV Roadies 18 This Week?: If you watch Roadies and are aware of every contestant who was eliminated in the next round and who was going to win. Then you probably know a big change has been seen in the elimination round. The entire episode was around contestants planning and plotting about whom to vote out. When the voting session was announced, Kevin Almasifar finds himself in a terrible situation because he sees a competitor named Arushi Chawla. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

MTV Roadies 2022 Elimination

  • Arushi-Arsh, Yukti-Nandu, and Sid-Kavya

He was trying to defend Arushi Chawla. For that, he can do anything. The majority of the contestants are against Arushi. Maybe the contestants didn’t like her behavior. Or they were just fed up with her. Who knows what the truth is. The exact reason is still not discovered yet. But if it will come out then we sooner inform you. Till then you have to wait for more.

Throughout the episode, Kevin tries to make a pact between Basser Ali and Ashish Bhatia who have the authority and immunity to save buddy pairs. But it seems like their pact was not useful for him. If we take a look at Basser Ali, then you will know he doesn’t go for the pact very easily. If he goes then he makes some silly mistakes where no one will reach him after the incident.

Who Vote Out From MTV Roadies 18 This Week?

But talking about in this scenario. It seems like he doesn’t repeat the silly mistakes again. Because now he was aware of it and learned from his mistakes. So there is no chance. But as you know, the future is unpredictable. Let’s see what he will do in that situation. If you have any thoughts regarding this, then you can share them with us by commenting down below. So that other people will know your thoughts about him.

When he discussed the pact,  a discussion was going on and created a fight between Yukti, Simi, Sohil, and others with Kevin. Kevin stays firm in his decision to save Arushi. Yukti screams at Kevin for preaching, Loyalty is royalty but not practicing it. When a voting session was going on. Kevin and his buddy pair Soundous find themselves in a difficult spot because most of the votes go to them. With just a few votes left, Arushi tells Kevin to trust her. Let’s see what happened next. Follow this site to get stay updated.

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