Who was A. B. Crentsil & What Caused His Death? Highlife Legend

According to reports, this great Ghani musician died on July 13, 2022, at the age of 79. His death news was confirmed on Facebook, and everyone devastated to learn that he was no longer in this world. He was one of The Masterpiece com’s most beloved artists. In this article, we’re going to tell you the shocking news about the death of A. B. Crentsil. On the social media platform, his death news is trending and everyone is giving him their respects. He collaborated with a number of musical groups, including his own band, the Smart Nakanishi, before joining the Sweet Talk band. However, if we discuss one of his hits that will never forgotten. Follow For More Updates at Worldrapiddnews.com

What Happened To AB Crentsil, the Cause of His Death? Details of the Obit

At the age of 79, Ghanaian musician AB Crentsil passed away. On July 13, 2022, sound engineer Fred Kyei Mensah, also known by his stage as Fredyma, sent a note on Facebook confirming the demise of the well-known vocalist. Although A. B. Crentsil cause of death has not yet determined, rumours claim that the seasoned vocalist had been ailing for some time. Since then, the late composer has showered with accolades. Up to his father’s passing in 1984, AB Crentsil known as AB Junior. Later, he discarded the junior and went by AB Crentsil instead. DJ BIBINI, a well-known and honourably recognised disc jockey from Ghana, also made his death known on Twitter, a popular microblogging service.

The Wife And Children Of AB Crentsil

AB According to his Wikipedia profile, Crentsil married to Elizabeth and they had six kids. His wife claimed that despite Crentsil having multiple indiscretions, she steadfast in her decision to get married.

She claimed that anytime she discovered AB Crentsil having extramarital affairs, she would always wait until he returned home before confronting him. Furthermore, Crentsil’s wife said that her marriage had not always been happy. Even though AB admitted to having extramarital affairs, he didn’t seem shocked by the news and thanked his wife for being there for him over the years, especially through difficult times.

Who was A. B. Crentsil & What Caused His Death? Highlife Legend download 3 22

Rapper AB Crentsil’s Career

Mr Thedoh taught A. B. Crentsil how to play the guitar in middle school. Following that, Crentsil began to sing along while playing the guitar and developed his skills. In addition to performing with Kwesi Donkor’s Strollers Band, he worked as an electrician. Additionally, the El Dorados, the Sweet Talks, and most recently, the Ahenfo Band, have performed onstage with Crentsil. In 1990, Crentsil inaugurated a 16-track recording studio. One of his most well-known songs is “Devil.” Crentsil received honours given to Ghana’s greatest musicians as he proceeded to release albums.

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