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Who Was Agnieszka Mazurek? Polish singer “Disco Polo Lider Dance” Cause of Death


Recently, the news of the lead artist of the Disco Polo Lider Dance star’s death started surfacing on the internet followed by which social media seem flooded with the hundreds of condolence messages. Yes, we are talking about Agnieszka Mazurek, the main artist of the melodic gathering Disco Polo Lider Dance. Her death has shaken so many people and as soon as it broke on social media it hit the audience like a ton of bricks. No doubt that her death is one of the shocking news you will hear today because she left the world at a very young age.

The band took their Facebook account to announce her passing where they wrote in her memory and even express their grief. In a Facebook post, they wrote a long caption in Polish translated to which is came to known “We cannot believe it all the time, you are no longer with us. We will never see your smiling face again, we will not hear your beautiful voice. Thank you for every moment spent with you, every song you sang together, and every smile you made on our faces., We will always love you. We will always think about you. You will remain in our hearts forever.”

Now, as per this, you can assume what pain they all are going through, and as she was young at the time of her passing so it also becomes even more painful and shocking to know that she left the world and that too at this young age. When it comes to talking about her musical career so the girl joined the band Lider Dance in 2014 – then the group returned to touring and began to create a new repertoire. The band has many hits to its credit, incl. ” I’ll be yours”, “I want to kiss” or “I’ll take you”.

However, her death cause is yet to be revealed so if you are searching for Agnieszka Mazurek’s death cause or reason? and also, what happened to her? So, stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on this shocking news, our saddest condolences are with her family and fans across the nation.


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