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Who was Beth Kirby aka Local Milk and what was her cause of death?: The famous creative photographer of food has passed away whose name was Beth Kirby who was also known as Local Milk on social media. She had a great fan following over there thanks to her interest in food catering and photographing them. But her sudden demise left her followers and admirers in shock as she was not a too old woman. By reading down the article readers will get the answers to their respective questions regarding the same topic so take a look at the sections that have been placed below where you will get to read about her cause of death, age, and social media handles. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was Beth Kirby aka Local Milk?

There is no doubt that she was a creative photographer and the world will surely miss her creativity for ages. She had done a great job in her respective field and apart from this she also organized a quiz competition on World Down Syndrome Day that helped people to come close and together across the borders with the same interests. Let’s read about her cause of death and age at the time of death in the next paragraph that is placed downward to this section.

How did Beth Kirby aka Local Milk die?

We have done a deep study to get authentic information about Beth Kirby’s death and after following various reports we have concluded that she passed away due to cancer and she was 48 years of age at that time. She had a great desire to go a long way in her life but fortune decided something else for her and departed her soul to her god. Many tributing posts are being shared on Insta by her followers and people are also sending their heartfelt condolences to her family. Read down the last section of this story to know about her social media handle.

Beth Kirby aka Local Milk Death Cause

Local Milk or Beth Kirby was fond of sharing pictures on Insta that gained her thousands of followers over there. By the time of writing this article, her Insta account has been followed by 660K followers where she had posted more than 3400 posts. If you want to search her official Insta account then you can search with @bethkirby to find her profile. Beth Kirby was a woman of enthusiasm who loved to make her life more beautiful with her creativity. The hometown of the famous food blogger was Chattanooga, Tennessee. Stay tuned with us for more information and other trending news.

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