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Who was Chethana Raj and what was his death reason? 21-Year-Old Kannada Actress Died Due To Plastic Surgery: Chethana Raj a popular TV actress faced a tragic incident when she faced complications after her fat removal surgery, her family accused the hospital of an act of negligence of duty. she is a young and very beautiful Kannada actress of age only 21 years. A doctor from a privet hospital in Bangalore performed the surgery after which Chetna suffered a fluid collection in the lungs which causes a cardiac arrest and she passed by choking. Chethana Raj with her friend went to a cosmetic surgeon at the hospital Dr. Shetty’s cosmetic clinic in Rajaji Nagar. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was Chethana Raj?

The surgery went well but soon after surgery suddenly Chethana Raj’s condition got worse and her lungs are filling with fluid repeatedly which lead to a cardiac arrest. Chethana Raj’s parents filed a complaint against the doctor, Shetty, for being medically negligent however the doctor is not arrested till now because now Chethana Raj’s medical reports are not submitted as the deputy commissioner Vinay Patil revealed in his official statement. the hospital is accused of not taking her parent’s permission and performing the surgery in an ICU room with no proper facilities. saying the surgery is done without taking proper precautions.

Chethana Raj’s Death Reason

Chethana Raj’s friend is the one who signed the consent form for surgery which is only b signed by one or family members. Chethana Raj was told that she needs to reduce her weight and she went to Dr. Shetty’s clinic in Rajaji Nagar Bengaluru near her home a cosmetic surgeon prescribe  Chethana Raj a cosmetic surgery without confirming whether the surgery is necessary or not and not advising a natural process of exercise and a good diet can also do the same and also he didn’t give time to make the Chethana Raj prepared after the first medical prescription and directly lead to the surgery of fat removal was performed leading to her chest is filling with fluid repeatedly and they told her friend that she is having a cardiac arrest.

Chethana Raj: 21-Year-Old Kannada Actress Died Due To Plastic Surgery

according to news reports doctor, Shetty tries to revive Chethana Raj through  CPR for 45 minutes on realizing that she is not responding he took her to a nearby Grade hospital and forces the doctor to treat her and violate the protocol for bringing dead. and criminal proceedings will be taken against the doctor and this incident lead her family devastated in sorrow as they had worked hard to make Chethana Raj a star and Chetna paid a huge amount for the surgery and see now what it leads to. people who know her tributing condolence to her rest in peace.

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