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Who was Dr. Rizwan and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “Former FIA director” passes away: Recently, news came out on the internet where it broke many people’s hearts. Dr. Rizwan, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI from Lahore has died. He died on Monday because of a heart attack. He was a great guy as he was from Lahore, Pakistan. He does really nice work by joining the FBI. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was Dr. Rizwan?

He was assigned so many tasks in the FBI which he did it very well and was able to accomplish on time. Every day, he has assigned the cases where he works on it and handles them in a great way. It took some time to solve the assigned cases but he never gives up. He solved the cases and got the incentives for that.

How did Dr. Rizwan die?

Rizwan was a heart patient and he have to take regular checkups on time. Every week he goes to the doctor to know whether everything was good or not. If something he feels like something was not good or feels a pain in his left side. Then he took the leave and take rest at his home where his wife will take care of him. Dr. Rizwan investigated so many cases and he succeeded in each of them. But exceptions are always there.

Dr. Rizwan: Former FIA director passes away

As some cases are still pending because he doesn’t get the required evidence or proof. He still working on it and assigned a team that will look at the pending cases. He investigated so many cases like money laundering, robbery, rape cases, theft, murder, and so on.

Dr. Rizwan Death Reason

As we already mentioned above, he died because of a heart attack and he was taking the treatment for his heart where he was appointed a special doctor who takes a look at him from time to time and measured each and everything like his bp, pulse rate to ensure that it was going normal or not.

His wife was also supportive and he also takes care of him. If something goes wrong then his wife immediately calls the doctors and they look at him. But when he died, his life was half empty. Without him, he can’t go forward. He was like sunshine that comes into her life for some time but it will go forever. Hope wherever he goes, may his soul rest in peace.

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