Who was eliminated on Survivor Season 42 Episode 4? Revealed

Survivor Season 42 Elimination: Who was eliminated on Survivor Season 42 Episode 4? Revealed: One of the most prominent and established reality competitions Survivor Season 42 has recently released Episode 4 on 30 March 2022 on CBS. The fourth episode of Survivor was filled with lots of fun and entertainment in which the contestants were seen performing tasks with full dedication. It has been three weeks now since it started. The viewers who followed the show are watching the episode with huge interest. The show has started on a huge scale. After airing the latest episode on Wednesday, the viewers are eager to know who was eliminated from the show this week. In this section, we are going to provide you with information about the elimination of this week. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Survivor Season 42 Elimination

After a challenging third week, Survivor aired its 4th episode on Wednesday (30 March). The fourth episode of Survivor with the title “The Vibe of the Tribe” was appropriate to what occurred between the castaways on the show. In Episode 4, the onlookers witnessed 30 years old Daniel Strunk, a law clerk from Connecticut, clash to keep his position and not get evicted, as the tribe has gone against him after he voted against Lydia.

Survivor Season 42 Elimination – Who is in Elimination in Survivor Season 42 this week – Survivor Season 42 Episode 4 Voted off

The contestant who was eliminated on Episode 4 of Survivor was Swati Goel. She observed in a good spot with Ika, as she wondered she made alliances t with everyone. However, the same strategy served in her favor as the tribemates started to realize she had alliances with them all, and thus voted her off. The premiere of the season introduced viewers to 18 castaways who were split into their three tribes: Taku, Vati, and Ika. The participants compete to outwit and outlast each other until one of them wins the title of the Sole Survivor and gets a cash prize of $1 million.

Who was eliminated on Survivor Season 42 Episode 4?

After Survivor Episode 3’s Tribal Council forwarded Jenny Kim home, it was time for yet another cruel elimination. However, ahead of that, Taku once again sparked as the strongest tribe with Jonathan receiving the title of “Goliath” the name given by Tori from the Ika tribe, after this week’s Reward Challenge. However, Swati hit a deal with Tori to form an alliance, she revealed the same to Rocksroy. In return, He revealed everything to Drea, leaving her questioning the all-woman alliance between her, Tori, and Swati. The Taku tribe won the challenge and their reward. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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