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Who was Jamari Jackson and Who Killed 12-year-old student? Shooting Death Video Explained « CmaTrends


Who was Jamari Jackson and Who Killed the 12-year-old student? Shooting Death Video Explained: On Thursday 31st March 2022 a tragic incident was reported in which a school pupil was shot down to death by another pupil of the same school. This is a matter of Greenville County middle school where a student lost his life in a conflict with another student. This incident has shocked all of us as no one can even think like that about school students but this time a school student lost control and shot his colleague whose name was Jamari Cortez Bonaparte Jackson. The most shocking thing in this news is the victim was not a student of a higher class as the victim was just 12 years of age at the time of the incident. There is a lot more to know about this incident so be sticky with this article for a while and take a peek at the paragraphs given below. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was Jamari Jackson?

According to the source, Jamari Jackson was shot down in the afternoon due to which he got severe injuries for emergency treatment he was also rushed to the hospital but nothing came as a positive for him and all went in vain. The identity of the injured school student was revealed by the community activist named Bruce Wilson. Bruce revealed that the victim of the incident was a 12 years old boy. Kindly read down the further section to learn where is responsible for Jamari Jackson’s death and what was the bone of contention.

Jamari Jackson’s Death Video Explained

According to the reports, the other pupil who fired at Jamari Jackson has been taken into custody. As per the reports provided by Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, the shooting incident took place near the province of Tanglewood Middle School. Lawmakers did not take significant time to dispatch an emergency unit to the scene to control the heated environment in front of the school. Take a look at the following section to learn more about this topic.

Jamari Jackson  Who was Jamari Jackson and Who Killed 12-year-old student? Shooting Death Video Explained « CmaTrends Jamari Jackson3

Greenville County School Shooting Video Leaked

As everybody is shocked after knowing about this incident, activist Bruce posted a statement on behalf of the victim’s family in which he showed the grief of Jamari’s family. He stated that we are all in great shock by today’s tragic incident. According to a spokesperson for Sheriff’s office, the shooter was believed to be another student of Tanglewood Middle School. But the identity of the responsible student for Jamari Jackson’s death has been kept private from the media. Stay tuned with us for further development on this tragic incident through our web page.

Recently, news has become viral on the internet that a 12-year-old kid has lost his life during a tragic shooting. Now his family and his friends were given mourn at his situation. The kid is named Jamaria Jackson, a middle school-going kid who died at such a young age. He was studied in the Greenville County middle school. He took his last breath in the hospital where he was getting treatment. In this article, we gonna discuss how did he die and who was the victim behind the shooting. Let’s begin.

Jamari Jackson was a young kid. He has big dreams and big goals which he wants to achieve. He always wanted to do something big in life but unfortunately, his dreams were gone when he left this world. The tragedy happened on Thursday when he was in school. He was taking his class and sitting with his friends. Suddenly, he was shot dead and he lost his life. It was not known who shot him. Cops have started their investigation where he was shot.

When cops look at the CCTV cameras of the school, search each and everywhere to get some evidence. They found out something strange in the footage. They see that another boy who was his same age has a gun in his pocket and waiting for the perfect moment to shoot him. It was not known why he killed Jackson. But he just waiting for it to shoot him. Maybe it was the enmity or another reason. When he shot him, everyone in the school was aware and heard the bullet sound. School authorities have immediately asked for backup. There was a sudden stir in the school. Everybody in the school was running here and there and they try to go to the safest place as quickly as possible.

When someone in the school reported to the police, cops conduct a deep investigation into the shooting case that killed a 12-year-old boy. After the investigation, they found the victim. His name was Bonaparte Jackson he was the same age as Jamai. The identity of this person has been kept secret due to some reasons. He was also a student of the same school. Officers found the suspect while he was hiding on the deck. They recovered the gun which he used to killed the Jamari.


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