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Who was Kgomotso Vincent Diale and what was his cause of death? Man Shot Dead In Informal Settlement: Recently, Eskom and other City Power teams have disconnected the dangerous illegal power lines in the Kliptown, Soweto. Residents have faced many difficulties and also asked the local authority center that disconnects the power lines what the reason for the power cut is and how many days we have to face it. They didn’t get any answers to their question. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was Kgomotso Vincent Diale?

A bunch of people, said to be the residents of Pimville and members of Operation Dudula, marched in the area on Monday has held a protest against the power cut. The frustration, the anger among residents were on high at that time. During the protest, Kgomotso Vincent Diale, father of two children died. And many more people were injured during this incident. Cops have started their investigation and they interrogated each and everyone who was present at that moment.

Kgomotso Vincent Diale Death Cause

Officials cleared homes illegally linked to buzzing and popping on Wednesday when tightly stretched wires were cut. Police minister Bheki Cele was in the area on Wednesday for a briefing by Gauteng Police on recent crimes in Kliptown. Saylor then met with the Diale family at their home where they were sad after hearing the Diale death news. The police minister Bheki Cele said in public that, he needs 10 more police cars to control the situation. If not, then two or three people will die. The situation is getting worsened and worsened.

How did Kgomotso Vincent Diale die?

Thaler, another officer appointed twelve detectives to stop this protest until it took to the next level. They also investigate the Dial’s death and the attempted murder of six people at a chicken farm. Dail’s death has become a major concern during this incident. Many were sad that Dial has died when the protest was ongoing. This also raised security issues among the netizens. As we already mentioned, Diale has two children and he died. Now His wife has to look and she has the double responsibility on her head to take care of her children and look at her house.

It was so difficult for her to manage her time and also manage her work. This incident taught many things to the residents of Pimville. Hope people will understand the lesson. Cops are investigating the whole case and also investigating the Diale’s death. If something would came up, then we definitely inform you.

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