Who Was Killed Bobbi-Anne McLeod? Musician Named Cody Ackland Killed Plymouth Teenager

Bobbi-Anne McLeod

One of the versatile and popular teenagers named Bobbi-Anne McLeod is in the news after he got suddenly got vanished from a bus stop located in Plymouth. According to the latest reports, 24 years old musician named Cody Ackland was accused of the murder charges of the 18 years old Bobbi murder. The murder gained enormous attentiveness and even went viral on Social Media. The case got huge controversy and users are keen to learn more about both people. As of now, family members of Bobbi are demanding justice for her daughter. Get more information on what happened to Bobbi Anne Mcleod.

According to the latest reports, Mcleod went missing at the time she was along with her boyfriend in November last year. She was living along with her boyfriend in a three-bedroom terrace residence in Seventies house enhancement located at Plymouth’s Leigham. In addition to this, she went to Leigham Primary school and was a student at Bridge High School and had been answering to fulfil her boyfriend. She was vanished at around 6 PM in November 2021. It is being said that she got vanished just after she failed to fulfil her boyfriend.

She was standing at a bus stop located in Plymouth, she was waiting for the bus in the evening at around 6 PM. She was seen last at the bus stand and after she got vanished. As and when her family members lost all contact with her she filed a missing complaint and the entire incident came to the attention of the police. The law enforcement started searching for the 18 years old and the search has been ended with the corpse of the teenager. Police officers then started an investigation into Bobbi’s murder and took 24 years old Ackland into custody.

After the initial inquiry, the officials proceed the suspect to court on 19th May where he served lifetime imprisonment when he was found guilty of the murder of 18 years old Bobbi. hon’ble Judge Robert Linford told him “You have pleaded guilty to murder and the sentence is fixed by law.” As of now, the police officer is investigating the details of the circumstances wherein the murder took place.

The next hearing of the court will be scheduled for May 2022 and it might it would be the last hearing of the case. The family members of the victim are seeking justice for her daughter. We will get back to you with more information on the incident till then stay tuned to Social Telecast.

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