Who was Lisakhanya Lwana and what was his cause of death? Dale College Rugby Player Dead

Lisakhanya Lwana

Who was Lisakhanya Lwana and what was his cause of death? Dale College Rugby Player Dead: Recently the death of a rugby player, Liabona Tayce is coming into the news. His death becomes a major issue on the internet. Many are sharing this news on social media at a very fast rate. It has been reported that he was playing the match with his learner. Suddenly, he fell down to the ground and his learner take him to the hospital. Doctors perform some tests and conduct a CT scan of his brain. They discovered that extensive bleeding has shown in his brain. His bleeding was already been seen for several months. But it did not damage that level. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who was Lisakhanya Lwana?

But when it exceeds the limit, things going to change a little bit different way. His brain doesn’t work properly, sometimes a serious pain has been seen in his head. His forehead becomes red in color for no reason. Sometimes, he fainted. At first, he didn’t release what exactly happened to him but later on, he figured out that something was wrong with his body. He needs to get the treatment for his body but it was late. He already lost his life.


Lisakhanya Lwana Death Cause

After a couple of months, a 17-year-old girl name Lisakhanya Lwana was found dead. His body was found on the R63 between Qonce and Masingata on Sunday. It was not known how she died and what exactly happened to her. Cops are investigating this case and finding out each and every piece of evidence. Cops are thinking that both the case is connected or not. Tessie’s death has become a major topic on the internet. His fans have shared this news on every platform.

Lisakhanya Lwana Dale College Rugby Player Dies

Her friends say, when we just met, we became friends. Our first met would turn into friendship and we both are very close to each other. We share each and every incident between us. There is no single moment that happened in their life where both didn’t share anything between them. From our team side, we are truly devastated and sending our support to his family. Hope wherever goes may his soul rest in peace.

How did Lisakhanya Lwana die?

Talking about his family members, we couldn’t fetch her family details. It was unknown as of now. Looks like she wants to keep her family private and doesn’t share it with anyone. She was so personal in her profession as well as her personal life.

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