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Who Was Meghan Landowski? How Did She Die? Robert Hickey Portsmouth Va On Dateline

Meghan Landowski

Every day we come across some chilling crimes that have shaken the world. One such kind of crime has become the topic of discussion among many. You must be curious to know about what crime we are discussing here. Well, it is about Meghan Landowski. She was the step-daughter of Navy sailor Chris Shortt. Reportedly, she was killed by Robert Hickey, of their Portsmouth, Virginia residence, on April 10, 2008. This horrifying crime has come to the headlines again as everyone happens to be talking about it. Let us check the complete details here.

As per reports, Megahn was only 16-year-old at the time of her horrific killing. It was April 10, 2018, when Meghan had an early release day at school. She had talked to her mother and was about to make lunch when her mother heard a noise. Later, Meghan was found dead by her stepfather Chris Scott. It was reported that the teen girl was stabbed 43 times which eventually led to her death. Reports also state that Meghan was also assaulted sexually before she was murdered.

The officials handed the girlโ€™s body to the forensic team to determine the cause of death. Soon, the investigation into the case began. Chris informed the cops that he is suspecting Robert Hickeโ€™s hands in the murder. Chris described Robert as a fellow Navy tech. After recording Meghanโ€™s stepfatherโ€™s statement, the cops started interrogating Robert who became the prime suspect in the case. In the initial days of the investigation, Robert denied being involved in the case.

However, police investigated his personal belongings and discovered around 200 explicit photos of children and other individuals. Police arrested Robert Hicke for possessing child pornography and were suspended from the navy too. However, it was still not proven that Robert Killed Meghan.ย Investigating the case further, the cops sent the DNA sample that they took off the door handle in Meghanโ€™s home. The sample determined that the killer was African American.

One year passed and the police still did not have the evidence against Robert. The young girlโ€™s parents kept suspecting Robert and demanded his detention. After a year, it was eventually proved that it was Robert Hicke who murdered Meghan. In September 2009, Robert himself admitted his crime and was arrested afterward for killing and sexually assaulting Meghan. It was reported that Robert was obsessed with Meghan which lead him to end her life. The man was sentenced to 42 years in prison.


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