Who Was Mohammed Mukhtar? Charlotte Dootson Plead Guilty In Murder Case

According to reports, Charlotte Dootson was arrested in the killing of a man aged 50. The man who was identified as Mohammad Mukhtar was found dead in Manchester. Now, the officers have detained the woman in the murder’s connection. It was reported that the man was missing. On the 30th of August last year, police were called to Droitwich Road at 12 PM after reports of a man’s wellbeing. Mr. Mukhtar, a man in his fifties, was tragically pronounced dead at the scene at 1:04 pm. Check further details here.

The news has spread on social media and has become a topic of debate. In the murder case, a 25-year-old woman was detained by the officers. It is stated that the woman killed the Muslim man named Mohammad Mukhtar. The man is literally two times her age and it is shocking that she killed him just like that. Currently, Dootson has been remanded in guardianship until her court appearance at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court. She conceded to the wrongdoing at a pretrial audit hearing. The woman has been facing harsh consequences because of her criminal act.

As mentioned the incident took place on August 30 last year. At that time, police were called to Droitwich Road around early afternoon after they came to know about a dead body being found on the scene. According to reports, Mr. Mukhtar, a man in his fifties, was found dead at the scene. Officials went to the scene at Droitwich Road and found his lifeless body. Reportedly, they took the man to a nearby hospital but he has died already. The investigation into the case soon started and the officers began searching for the evidence that could lead the case. Later, they found Charlotte Dootson’s involvement.

It has been stated that Charlotte could get the condemnation for the first-degree murder of Mukhtar. She is expected to go to prison forever after the crime she committed. However, it has not been confirmed yet if the woman was involved in the crime and what charges will she be facing. The woman would be produced before the court on May 24. Although there is not much information about the case available at this moment, our team is trying to get as much data as can so that we can update our readers on the ongoing case. Till then, keep following our site, Social Telecast, for the latest and trending news around the world.

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