Who Was Patrick Lyoya? Officer Shooting/ Killing Video Grand Rapids Police Release Footage

Patrick Lyoya

Video footage has been released by the Grand Rapids Police that features an officer shooting Patrick Lyoya to death during a traffic stop. The clips were released from a police body camera, a police unit’s dashcam, a home surveillance system, and a cell phone. It happened at the news conference where reporters questioned the officials about the deadly April 4 incident. Before the news conference, the officials stated that they have not edited any video or audio. Apart from video, some images were also shared that were later blurred to ensure privacy.

According to Police Chief Eric Winstrom, the identity of the police officer who allegedly shot and killed the Michigan man will not be disclosed unless there are criminal charges. The chief added that the said officer’s police powers have been suspended while he is sent on paid leave. On another side, Michigan State Police are conducting a thorough criminal investigation into the case so that they can get evidence that can lead them to further details.

Meanwhile, Loya’s family has retained Benjamin Crump, a Civil rights attorney who has represented high-profile victims of police violence. The family is continuing demanding for the officer involved in the case to be fired and charged. Talking about the incident, Benjamin Crump said that the video footage released by the police clearly shows it was an unnecessary, excessive, and fatal use of force against a black man who was not possessing any weapon and was confused by the encounter and terrified for his life.

Ever since the tragic incident took place, multiple protests and rallies on behalf of the black man have occurred. Dozens of people called for justice while rallying outside a City Commission meeting on Tuesday evening. Talking about the incident, it happened on April 4 around 8 AM. According to the authorities, an officer, who has been with the department for 7 years, pulled over a vehicle for improper registration.

The video shows Lyoya, who was driving, getting out of the car to talk to the officer as the latter asks him about his license. The man turns his back to the officer and appears to walk toward the front of the car. The officer is heard saying “No, no, no, stop, stop” as he puts his hand on Lyoya’s back and shoulder. Later, the body cam turns off and the cell phone video shows that Lyoya was shot in the head. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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