Who was Qin Yi and what was her cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “Veteran Chinese actor and ‘People’s Artist’” dead at 100

Who was Qin Yi and what was her cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “Veteran Chinese actor and ‘People’s Artist’” dead at 100: A few days ago news came that people’s artists had died. She had huge popularity in the whole Chinese community. The whole of china called her as people artist Qin Yi die. But her cause of death did not reveal at that time. Her fans were very curious to know about the reason for his death. She died at the age of 100 according to the release report. She was a very beautiful lady from both inner and outer sides. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

How did Qin Yi die?

As according to the report she died at the age of 100 and the cause of her death is revealed that she was ill. She died due to her illness in  Shanghai on the morning of May 9th. Her cause of death was illness it has been clear now. People were assuming so many facts about her death. Some of them assume that she did not get any natural death, but she was murdered by someone. but all the dought has been clear now. Netizens are giving tributes to her.


Qin Yi Death Cause

In Railway Guerrilla, Ma Lan in,  Ma Lan Hua Kal, and basketball in Basketball No 5, Qin Yi persevered Fanglin’s wife. Lin Jie along with many other famous female characters. As per the CCTV, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee said on May 9th that actress Qin Yi, who was awarded the national honorary title of ‘people’s Artist’ died at 4:08 am at an East China hospital. At the age of 100 due to the illness, she demises, but her memories are not demise. she has a huge place in the hearts of her fans. She entertains her Chinese fans for a long time. That is why her fans are very mourning after getting the news, she is no more now. Her fans are very upset after knowing her favorite Qin Yis’ is no more now. She has been passed out.

Who was Qin Yi?

Qin Yi was born into a feudal family in Pudong, Shanghai in 1922. She was lucky that her father was open-minded so many of her classmate’s families and regularly takes Xiao Qin Yi to the cinema. Her father always said that you can watch a new movie for two cents. Now she has been gone now. But her memories are still alive. They would be alive forever in the hearts of her fans. It is a very big shock for her friends and family even for the fans. They are praying for her.

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