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Who was R Vinosiny and what was her cause of death? UUM Student Found Dead: The news was circulating on the internet that a student of the University of Utara Malaysia (UUM) had been found dead in her hotel room. She was 20 years old and was in her fourth semester at her college where she was studying accounting. She goes to college with the intention of becoming a good student and standing on her own feet. But no one knew that she lost her life in her room. Many people say that she died due to electric shock but this is just a statement that people made. The exact truth is yet to come out. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was R Vinosiny?

Her name was R Vinosiny. And she was a good and meritorious student. No one knew that a meritorious girl student would die. Even her parents do not know this. In the eyes of her parents, she was a smart, bright, kind, and gentle type of person. She never did anything wrong to anyone. However, she does not say such things that hurt the feelings of other people.

R Vinosiny Death Cause

But recently a video of her has been uploaded on YouTube in which he was saying that she died due to electric shock. But the police cannot believe the statements of the people till they get the autopsy report, in which the cause of her death has been given. They cannot believe such statements until they get concrete evidence of the cause of her death. Police have started their investigation and they are looking for every evidence to proceed in this case. If anything comes up we will definitely notify you.

R Vinosiny: UUM Student Found Dead

When this news surfaced on the Internet, she died in the hotel room. Many people were stunned and did not believe the news. Even her parents were shocked and started crying all the time. It was a pity that a meritorious student was no more with us. She was someone’s daughter, someone’s best friend, and someone’s a close friend who was now mourning her death.

On social media, tributes have flooded in and heartfelt condolences are pouring in for her. Dozens of comments were saying that our best wishes and our best prayers are always with you. Hope her soul rest in peace wherever you go. Moreover, the culprit will soon see a day when the police will conduct a thorough investigation. We hope that God gives strength to her family to bear this situation.

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