Who was Raja Vardhan Reddy and what was his death reason? TDP leader Killed In Accident video explained

Raja Vardhan Reddy

Who was Raja Vardhan Reddy and what was his death reason? TDP leader Killed In Accident video explained: A shocking wave is coming straight from Andhara Pardesh and giving wrenching people’s hearts as recently we have come across the news that former MP from Kurnool district named Rajavardhan Reddy passed away. According to the reports, the former MP died after facing a fatal road accident. Since this news surfaced on the internet turmoil has been created on social media platforms. People have been left stunned after knowing about this tragic news. Moreover, we are also publishing this column with heavy hearts. Now people have started scrounging web pages for detailed information about this tragic accident. Though we have covered every imperative aspect of this news so be sticky with this web page and follow all the divisions of this news article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who was Raja Vardhan Reddy?

Rajavardhan Reddy was the son of Vishnuvardhan Reddy who is in charge of the Kodumuru TDP constituency in Kurnool. According to the reports, Vishnuvardhan’s son was traveling from Hyderabad to Kurnool in his car when he met with a fatal accident. According to the reports, the accident took place at Itikalapadu in the Gadwala district. Police claimed that his car was overturned because two tires exploded at once. Keep following this article to learn more aspects of this tragic news.

Raja Vardhan Reddy Accident

Rajavardhan Reddy sustained severe injuries in the accident. However, local civilians rushed him to a nearby hospital but the former MP passed away on the way to the hospital. He was the son of TDP senior leader Vishnuvardhan who can influence the politics of the Kodmuru constituency. His father has been devastated and mourning the tragic death of his son who had a long way to go in his life and career. But unfortunately, his son passed away after meeting with a deadly road accident. Kindly look at the next section to learn what police reports are claiming.

Raja Vardhan Reddy Death Reason

As Rajavardhan Reddy was the son of the TDP party’s senior leader Vishnuvardhan and moreover Rajavardhan Reddy had also remained the MP from Kurnool district police investigators are examining every single factor and aspect of this road accident. This is a high-profile case and it will take time to reach any conclusion. However, currently, this case is an apparent road accident case but the hidden factors are yet to be discovered by the officers to reach any other conclusion. If there will be any conspiracy in this accident then it will surely become a concern to worry about. Stay tuned to this page.

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