Who Was Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca? The Dead Woman Who Banged On Her Own Coffin Video Images

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca

Social media is flooded with shocking posts and comments after a video of a woman banging on her own coffin surfaced online. Yes, the woman, identified as Rosa Isabel, was declared alive at her own funeral after she knocked on the coffin. The incident not just shocked her family but all the people who had gathered there to mourn her sudden death. The incident was reported just moments before the woman was due to be buried. Now, the whole matter has become the subject of interest for many. Check complete details here.

According to reports, Rosa met with a tragic car accident. It had taken place on the Chiclayo-Ferreñafe highway in April 2022. The woman had sustained several injuries that eventually had become her cause of death, believed by her family and friends. However, that does not happen to be the case anymore as the woman has been declared alive after she banged on her coffin and tried to inform everyone that she is alive and not dead.

At that incident, Rosa’s brother-in-law was also declared dead while her three nephews aged 5, 11, and 17 have remained at the Lambayeque regional hospital in critical condition. Rosa’s coffin door was opened during her funeral after hearing ‘banging’ from inside. Rosa apparently had her eyes open and was showing ‘vital signs,’ which surprised spectators. Police take the coffin past the crowd in a video of the event. The next clip shows medics standing over Rosa, who is unconscious on the ground.

Rosa “opened her eyes and was sweating,” according to cemetery keeper Juan Segundo Cajo. I went to my workplace right away and dialed 911.” After that, Rosa was transported to Referential Hospital Ferrenafe. She was put onto a life support machine where she showed signs of life. However, Rosa Isabel passed away just a couple of hours later. It is no doubt to state that the family of the woman is outraged at the whole situation.

One can understand, the pain they must be going through. Once they were informed about their daughter being dead by the hospital staff and when they had arranged her funeral and were about to bury Rosa, she banged on the coffin door. Now, they are again told that she has died. The family has said that they will not be letting the matter go. They have demanded a thorough investigation by the police as they want to know if the hospital directed Rosa to the morgue without proper review. The family has speculated that Rosa was in a coma.

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