Who Was Simon Cole? Former Leicestershire Police chief Cause of Death How Did He Die?

Simon Cole

Leicestershire Police department is mourning the loss of one of its veteran and most loved cops Simon Cole who was recently found dead at his residence after two weeks of retirement. Recently death news started surfacing on the internet that a former police chief was found dead at his home in a presumed suicide. Simon Cole, 55 was a recently retired police chief whom everyone used to respect and after his death news broke on social media it created a buzz in the department, and the investigation team is searching for the death cause.

The department confirmed the news and temporary Chief Constable Rob Nixon said Simon was loved and respected by all the force and that it is ‘hard to put into words how devastating this news is’. As per the sources it came to know that the former Chief Constable had retired from the force 12 days before his death. In a statement, the Chief Constable said ‘Our hearts go out to his family at this difficult time and we will support them as much as we can.’ Continuing the statement he said that Simon’s death is a big loss for everyone, however, the man recently got retired from his post but the way people used to love him in and out of the department is something that everyone works harder to achieve.

Simon Cole Death Cause

According to the reports it came to know that Simon Cole born and brought up in Leicestershire spent more than 30 years with the force and he had been the UK’s longest-serving Chief Constable – taking up his position in June 2010. Mr. Cole even led the Association of Chief Police Officers on mental health previously where he talked about the work and mental health and how the new joinings should be prepared for everything. When the world was dealing with pandemics at that time Mr. Cole did not leave any stone unturned to praise his department’s workers.

In the statement, he said “Assuming you go out in a squad car you first really look at the tires, the alarm, the oil, the lights, to ensure they all work … individuals are all important for the tool compartment too, and this stuff matters.’At the time he even talked that officers should talk about their mental health because during the pandemic police were the ones that did not even take a moment out to seat calmly. Well, the investigation team is searching for the death cause, our saddest condolences are with his family and everyone who is shocked to hear about his demise. May his soul rest in heaven.

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