Who Was The Woman Fart in Johnny Amber Court Proceeding Name Viral Video

The Woman Fart in Johnny Amber Court

Hollywood star Johnny Depp and her ex-wife Amber Heard are currently the most buzzing celebrities globally, you all are well aware of their ongoing case, the duo is not leaving any chance to miss on making headlines. The duo is topping the trending charts on social media globally, everybody is talking about them and their ongoing defamation case, which Johnny Depp filed against her. Well, lately a video has been massively viral on social media which includes both the star is making a massive amount of buzzes. The video contained a fart noise while a woman was giving her testimony in court.

Yes, you all heard it right, a video appeared with a loud fart noise while a woman was giving her testimony in the court during the proceeding of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s case. Although according to the deep research by many media agencies, this video proved to be fake and edited. The original video had no fart noise in it, but someone just edited the clip and released it on social media. The video is just an edited fake one, which someone made for fun and uploaded on social media. It has no connection with the live and real footage of the court proceedings.

As soon as this video was uploaded on the internet, in no time it got massively viral on social media. Netizens were going gala over fart video. Everyone was sharing that video and due to that, the video made it to the trending charts of social media. This video became a global meme, which people around the world loved, enjoyed, and shared. Netizens flooded the video with humorous comments under it. Netizens still are sharing and posting about the video, but now it’s clear that this video is completely fake and edited by someone. Netizens loved this meme and seeing this many others have edited the clips of Johnny and Amber’s court proceedings, those new videos too are very popular currently on social media.

Netizens are eager for the court proceeding of this case. Johnny Depp and Amber heard are global stars, so they have fans all around the globe. People from all around the globe are tweeting and posting about this case. Many of the people are supporting Johnny and trolling Amber, while many are supporting Amber and trolling Johnny. Although the case is in court, so we all just have to wait until the judgment comes out.
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