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Who was Theresa Velasquez and what was her cause of death?: On social media, a very shocking video has been viral on the internet which is getting attention from all over the world. As per the update, a faint and calm voice of a woman trapped. This incident has been shocked everyone when a woman’s voice was heard from the hulking pipe of Concrete and twisted steel, which has been listening for many hours when during the collapse of the surfside in Florida last year in June. This news was shocking to everyone. People were not getting from where the voice was coming. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was Theresa Velasquez?

This was all said by the Miami-Dade County Fire Chief Alan Cominsky said on the last week. He also mentioned that after that they never listen to any voice anymore. That was the last time when the voice has listened to after the June 24 collapse. After the 24 June Collapse Miami Dade Fire Rescue department last week, as per the department 11 pages released memo, ‘’voice in the rubble” belonged to Theresa Velasquez, a Live Nation music executive who was 36 when she perished, along with her parents.

Theresa Velasquez Death Cause

In the Collapse, there were 98 people were killed there in the disaster at the Champlain Towers south building the last June. That was a very heartbreaking incident last Summer. People were in their place and suddenly many families have been destroyed. Nobody could imagine the pain of the people they face last year. Whenever we could see, there could be seen only pain, people were crying in the petty. The searching team was trying to rescue the missing peoples they were stuck in the collapse. There were also people whose bodies had been found after lots of difficulties. During the rescue of the lives, the rescue team found a person underneath the condo’s parking garage at about 6:30 am.

How did Theresa Velasquez die?

According to the deputy fire chief Raised Jadallah, the voice in the rubble belonged to a 14-year-old who died in the collapse. As according to the officials “at the time of that they heard the voice of the woman for several hours. As per some rescuers, the woman could have been as far as 10 to 20 feet from the massive concrete slab. It has been almost a year but the pain of the incident is still in the heart of the person. They still remember everything which happened to him. Many families have been broken by the collapse.

Recently news came to light that authorities have confirmed that a building collapsed because of a landslide underneath in Florida, condominium last June under the huge pile of collapsed concrete a voice was heard by the rescue operators, as the pile is huge of a multistory building she was faintly heard and at that time the rescue operators are not able to hear her name but after nine-month of excavation operation as the corps of her body were found from the same place where her voice was heard and she was found to be the voice of Theresa Velasquez. almost 98 casualties were recorded in the incident only 4 of them were able to survive as they are the lucky ones who got stuck on stairs and trapped in an area that helped them avoid the concrete load over them. court compensate $83 million dollars for the loss of the victim’s family as many families were living there. 

The incident took place when a multi-story collapsed as the land underneath moved from its spot losing building grip in-ground and collapsing, while the rescue operation is carried out to save the lives of as many as possible a voice is heard asking for help it is very low in pitch as the voice is coming from under a huge pile of concrete which is blocking her sound as it is estimated it is coming from at least 10 to 20 feet below the pile of concrete broken walls. only after all the equipment and workers are stopped to create a silent atmosphere to hear her is made.

The rescue asked her name but it is still very difficult for her to be heard, they asked her name but couldn’t hear it and rescue personnel confirmed that it was the voice of a woman, not a child it is fainting slowly the asked her to stay connected but can’t hear as she was suffocating it is very unfortunate that rescue operators failed to save the women as her voice faint after some time. as described in eleven pages of circular containing details provided to the court by the rescue operation team.

She was later confirmed as Theresa Velasquez as he body was found under the ruins after excavation on the same place where it was speculated she was visiting her [parents at that place named as her father David Velasquez and mother angela Velasquez identified on June 17. after th4e investigation, her brother through his wife confirmed the news reports about this incident. Theresa Velasquez was working o channel live-action as senior vice president, and her name came on billboards in the 2020 list. she is a very loving personality and helps in nature as her friends described and shared condolence to her on posts o media and attended her funeral.

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