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Who was Tushar Atre and how did he die? Who Killed Him? Murder Explained: Today, we are going to talk about Tushar Atre who was a successful tech-executive-turned cannabis entrepreneur. He lived in a multimillion-dollar home on the California coast where he used to spend his free time surfing. But, in October 2019, his dream turned out into a crime scene, grainy surveillance video from that time shows he was attacked and abducted near his home. Later, he was discovered dead on his cannabis farm in the Santa Cruz mountains as he was stabbed and brutally shot. Currently, many people have been making searches to know about Tushar Atre’s murder. Here, we are going to give you all details about his murder case. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who was Tushar Atre?

As per the sources, Tushar Atre was first attacked and kidnapped from his house. Later, he was discovered stabbed and fatally shot on his cannabis farm in the Santa Cruz mountains. The two crimes scenes of his house provided few clues, however, the guests inside Tushar’s residence informed the investigators that they heard the invaders prompting them to know the location and combination of his safe. The investigators from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office have that grainy surveillance video, which recorded everything that happened on Tushar’s street from the moment three shadowy figures came to the neighborhood and walked toward his house.

How Did Tushar Atre Die?

After a few minutes, Tushar was seen running and later, was kidnapped. He was frequently stabbed and then was pushed into a BMW the accused stole from his driveway, ahead of them driving away. According to 48 hours, it remained a mystery even after the extensive investigation by the officers for almost seven months to know who were those three shadowy figures. In a few hours after Tushar Atre got disappeared on 01 October  2019, his tight-knit Pleasure Point community was on edge.

Who Killed Tushar Atre?

CmaTrends  Who was Tushar Atre and how did he die? Who Killed Him? Murder Explained « CmaTrends Tushar Atre

Reporter Maria Cid Medina has covered Tushar’s story for the local CBS station KPIX in Bay Area. She said that she and her team started knocking on the doors of his neighbors, everyone was just stunned after the incident. They were able to see fear in their eyes when they were asked about the incident. During the investigation, the officers found four suspects in the murder case of Tushar. Those four were Kaleb Charters, Stephe Nicolas Lindsay, Kaleb’s brother, Kurtis Charters, and a friend Joshua Camps. Four of them were arrested and charged with murder, robbery, kidnapping, and some under special circumstances. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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