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Who was Valdir Segato


On his 55th birthday, Brazilian bodybuilder Valdir Segato died. He is known for his long-term use of Synthol injections to gain weight. The TikTok celebrity was reportedly pronounced dead on July 26 in the southeastern Brazilian city of Ribeiro Preto, according to the Universo Online (UOL) webpage.

According to UOL, Segato said he was sick at home and was transported there by UPA Nelson Mandelaโ€™s Brazilian Mobile Urgent Care Service โ€“ UPA Norte (SAMU).

It is impossible to say whether Valdir Segatoโ€™s use of Synthol injections into his muscles had any consequences, as no reports have established his cause of death. According to UOL News, Segatoโ€™s body has been interred at Bom Pastor Cemetery, so this information may not be verified. Presumably, an autopsy was not carried out as the burial allegedly took place the day after his death.

Valdir Segato is a construction worker

A native of Brazil, Valdir Segato is also known as โ€œValdir Syntholโ€ on social media because he often uses Synthol oil for his extremely bulky look. Segato, a construction worker apparently from Sรฃo Paulo, is likely a resident of Ribeiro Preto.

Segato gained notoriety for a DailyMail UK profile in late October 2016. The bodybuilder said in an interview:

He planned to add 4 inches to his biceps, which was 23 inches at the time, by injecting Synthol oil. Valdir Segato admitted earlier that the Hulk and Arnold Schwarzenegger were some of his inspirations. Segato explained his past and how he used the Synthol injection in an interview with the UKโ€™s Daily Mail. He admitted he was a former drug addict. Segato said:

Valdir Segato joined the gym while undergoing addiction treatment, but he wasnโ€™t happy with the muscles he was building. Then, to get that really bulky look, he had Synthol oil injections in his biceps, pecs, and back. Segato received Synthol injections until his death, despite their significant risk of stroke, infection, and amputation. It should be noted, however, that the bulky appearance caused by injected synthons is only temporary and does not actually promote muscle growth.

In 2016, doctors reportedly warned him against abusing Synthol oils, warning him of the dangers of โ€œamputation, or at least nerve damage and muscle deformation,โ€ if he persisted. However, Valdir Segato decided to continue taking the dangerous dose.

What is Synthol oil and what are its risks to bodybuilders like Valdir Segato?

Bodybuilders often use the ingredients in this oil to abuse the substance to create a bulky look. For example, the anesthetic lidocaine reduces the discomfort associated with injecting Synthol into a muscle. The alcohol concentration seems to help clean the area and prevent infection at the same time. However, they can still happen because drinking alcohol is not always a foolproof strategy for preventing infection.

When the MCT is injected deep into the muscle, it begins to swell and looks bulky. Injecting synthons can cause serious illness with long-term negative effects on the body. It can cause muscles to take on strange forms. It can also lead to muscle fibrosis, which can eventually lead to amputation.

Segato had more than 1.7 million TikTok followers at the time of his death.


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