Who won Canada Reads 2022? Revealed

Canada Reads 2022 Winner Name: Who won Canada Reads 2022? Revealed: The results of Canada Reads 2022 are out now. Know the name of the winning author who managed to win this title. Different opinions were being shared before the announcement of the 2022’s winner by the people but finally, we have got the winner of this year. This year’s title was grabbed by the debut novel of Michelle Good titled Five Little Indians which was championed by Christian Allaire. There is a lot more to know about this year’s winner of Canada Reads so go down the page in order to get the information written after following the official reports of the event. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Canada Reads 2022 Winner Name

The most impressive thing we found in Christian Allaire was the energy that he maintained throughout the competition. From the very first day it was seeming that every panelist had been impacted by The Five Little Indians. Christian Allaire did a fantastic job in the emotional finale of the event and the novel that he supported survived the final vote. He described beautifully why his preferred novel best fits the theme of Canda Reads 2022 which was ‘One Book to Connect Us’. Kindly read down the further section to get the information about Michelle Good’s novel The Five Little Indians.

Who won Canada Reads 2022?

The aforementioned novel tells the story of five survivors of a residential school system in Canada where the five persons struggle to overcome the trauma and build again their lives as adults. Christian Allaire said in the emotional finale of the event “being the resident of Canada we have obligation to do these reparations. I understand many people do not like to accept their fault but it’s not about that. It is a matter to unite our people and come as a country to believe this happened and help us move ahead together.” Keep reading this article to learn about the winning novel.

The winning novel is the first novel that is penned by a former lawyer and Cree author named Michelle Good and this book has become the second book that has been penned by an indigenous writer to win the title. The second place was attained by Toronto author Catherine Hernandez’s Scarborough. This novel revolves around a neighborhood that refuses to fall apart in the face of crime and poverty. Winner Christian Allaire won with 4-1 vote on 31st March 2022 on the final day. Stay tuned with us for more information and details.

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