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Why All Generator Users Should Pay Attention To This Mistake That Has Killed Lots of People



A generator is any equipment that converts energy from one form to another. The kind of generator we are most conversant with is that which convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. The working principle is however not the aim of this article but the mistakes a lot of people usually make with it. This mistake has claimed a lot of lives and shall claim more if the general public to remain ignorant.

A small knowledge of science has shown us that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, rather changes from one form to another.

When petrol is used to power generator, it sustains the engine that converts mechanical energy to electrical which ends up bringing electric current to our homes.

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Just as firewood burns during cooking to give off smoke, just as kerosene too, to give off smoke, petrol also follows a similar sequence.

When this happens, it produces a poisonous smoke known scientifically as CO (Carbon II oxide).

This is a costly mistake a lot of people have made in which most of them end up paying with their lives. The mistake of keeping our generator in a non airy and spaced out vicinity. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very life threatening condition that takes place when excess inhalation of CO takes place.

This case is more prevalent amongst people who live in a compacted resident where there is not much space for proper exit and diffusion of this gas from generators more particularly.

This gas may through one way or another finds its way into peoples rooms. While asleep, it shall be hard to notice this. When you inhale this gas in excess it gets into your blood stream and replaces with carbon monoxide the oxygen molecules in your blood. This results in your organs getting starved of oxygen.

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Often times, it results in death of victim or other serious medical conditions like Brain damage, miscarriage for pregnant women etc.

In order to avoid this, please ensure your generator is situated in a place where there is a proper space for diffusion of smoke and also, make your rooms and well ventilated as possible. If your neighbours generator is posing this danger to your health, ensure it gets removed if unfixable.

Another mistake people that claims lives with no sympathy is getting to march upon a naked generator cable. Remember that the kind of power generated by this machine lights a whole house, and is capable of electrocuting someone instantly if he gets in contact with an uninsulated part of the wire that transports this power.

To be on the safer side, please make sure this cable is never left uninsulated. Rather do not start the generator in the first place than do so with it’s cable uninsulated.

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Kindly share this piece with your friends, do not allow them to make this ignorant mistake capable of taking their lives. Thank you for reading.

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