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Ankiti Bose, the chief executive officer of the popular e-commerce startup Zilingo in Singapore has been fired from the company. Bose was fired for continuous accounting irregularities in the company in early 2022. According to the reports, The company found irregularities in the accounting and finances, when they were raising funds for the company. Although Bose was suspended during that and now she has been fired from the company.

Ankiti Bose  Why Ankiti Bose, CEO Of Zilingo Fired After Suspension Wiki Biography Instagram Age « CmaTrends Why Ankiti Bose CEO of Zilingo Fired after Suspension Wiki

Although Ankiti Bose claimed that she has been dragged into these irregular finances and accounting matters and been fired after suspension because she reported facing abuse and harassment in the company. Later, Zilingo released an official statement on this issue. The spokesperson of the company came out and stated that the company is following an investigation which is being done by an independent forensics firm that has been assigned to look into these financial frauds matter. The spokesperson further continued and stated that the company has also removed Ankita Bose from the company following the ongoing investigation by the team of forensic experts.

Ankiti Bose came out on Instagram and wrote her side of the story there. Ankiti wrote that her removal from the company is illegal and she has not seen any reports from the independent forensic experts. Bose’s lawyer too spoke about the matter and stated that her Client Ankiti Bose’s termination is illegal and looks like a witch hunt. Her lawyer has also denied all the allegations and accusations charged against Ankiti by the Zilingo company. This fight is raging high on social media according to some media reports, audios and chats have been leaked on social media which include bose and other senior officials of the company. With each passing day the fight between the former Chief Executive Officer Ankiti Bose and The board of the company is raging and turning more controversial.

Although there are some reports in the media that have claimed that Ankiti in the last also offered that she can pay the $40 million debt of the company. After all these accusations by Ankiti and Board members, Zilingo again released an official statement about the ongoing rift. The statement stated, that the ongoing rift between the company and former CEO Ms. Bose has saddened and shattered everyone related to the company. It further continued and stated these fake allegations and accusations by Bose are defaming the image of the company and its employees. We will update you with all the developments in this case soon. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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