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Why did Coronation Street star Matthew Davidge jailed for 15 months? Charges Explained

Matthew Davidge Coronation Street

Matthew Davidge Arrested: Why did Coronation Street star Matthew Davidge jailed for 15 months? Charges Explained: As per the latest report, Former Bolton FM DJ and Coronation Street extra Matthew Davidge have been incarcerated for 15 months for fraud. The 47-years-old radio star has admitted 11 charges of fraud as well as possessing articles in link with fraud at the time of his appearance at Mold Crown Court in North Wales. At the time of the hearing, Judge Niclas Parry informed the former entertainer: โ€œTo explain to you as a conman would be an accurate description.โ€ At that point, he was already serving a suspended conviction for another act of fraud committed while he was serving in Blackpool. Follow More Update Onย GetIndiaNews.com

Matthew Davidge Arrested

The court heard that the Disk Jockey was dating a lady in North Wale and started applying for loans in her name as well as the name of her former partner. A police probe viewed that he had in total made 8 applications for loans to the value of ยฃ8,000. The application he made for a credit card in a fake name was granted, with him spending around ยฃ500 from it.

Coronation Street star Matthew Davidge Arrested

Prosecutor Frances Willmott explained how the lady he was dating, Sharon Farmington, found a USB stick in her computer. It contained details and changed the password on the computer. After an argument, Davidge was asked to leave her house. He went to the hotel and stayed under a fake name and ran up a bill. He also has previous sentences for deception in the years 2007 and 2010 and got a suspended sentence for benefit fraud from Blackpool magistrates.

Why did Matthew Davidge jailed?

As per the prosecutor, proof viewed that he applied for loans amounting to ยฃ8,000. His best mitigation was his guilty plea. His offenses dated all the way back to 2012. Maria Massellis, defending stated: โ€œHe does regret the offensesโ€ but added that he had not committed any fraudulent crimes since the year 2012 and he was now in a stable relationship with a new partner.

Massellis continued that โ€œMy client has every intention of staying sway from any further criminal activity.โ€ Davidge, who was given 15 months, got an additional month when he admitted a bail offense when he left court on a previous occasion. It comes after it was documented that he was fired as a Coronation Street extra for taking a self-photo with Andi Peters on the set of the soap. He informed the news outlet he hadโ€nipped to the looโ€ at the time of filming on Friday when he spotted Andi and decided to ask him to pose for a socially distanced photo.


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