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Fans of The Jetsons are wishing George Jetson, the sitcom family’s patriarch, a extremely utterly glad birthday, pondering that he’ll be born on July 31, 2022.

Many nostalgic followers of the 1960’s sitcom took to Twitter to need the beloved character.

The Jetsonsdebuted its pilot episode on ABC on Dec. 30, 1962. Originally, the cartoon solely ran for 24 episodes nonetheless was later revived. Its second run was from 1985 to 1987.

Despite, its fast run, the current left a long-lasting affect on followers, who watch at the same time as we converse.

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Why followers assume George Jetson was born in 2022

Some eagle-eyed followers of the Sixties sitcom pieced collectively that The Jetsons patriarch, George, may very well be born in 2022, making him a Gen-Z.

Many know that the animated sitcom’s premise is prepared in the end. It revolves throughout the lives of air-dwelling, Orbit City residents, The Jetsons. The current indicated its Twenty first-century setting in a variety of episodes all through its run. Viewers usually observed flying-saucer-like cars and robotic maids amongst totally different futuristic points.

MeTV claims thatThe Jetsons promotional supplies on the time confirmed that it was set 100 years into the long run, aka in 2062.

Fans might also maintain in thoughts that throughout the current’s first ever episode, ‘Test Pilot,’ George Jetson’s doctor tells him that he “should live to be 150.”

“I’ve got 110 good years ahead of me!” George Jetson replies, which suggests he was 40 then.

Eagle-eyed followers put two and two collectively and have deciphered that George ought to have been born 2022 to be 40 years earlier on the current’s beginning.

Fans confused if George Jetson’s birthday is on July 31 or Aug 27

Many followers assume George Jetson’s birthday is on July 31 after the character’s Wikipedia internet web page and the current’s fandom internet web page talked concerning the date.

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An early utterly glad birthday to a childhood favorite… Mr. George Jetson will possible be born Sunday! #TheJetsonspic.twitter.com/qC76kq58ps

— Brian Dwyer (@BrianDwyerTV) July 30, 2022

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I’ve the an identical birthday as George Jetson?

Prob the easiest bday bud however tbh. https://t.co/5sPPzMUZag

— Dav (@crazymurdav) July 29, 2022

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However, a few others recognized how his starting date was talked about as August 27 elsewhere.

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I’d want to need George Jetson a cheerful literal birthday as we converse. pic.twitter.com/tBijwpRnUr

— Jack Beers (@waytoomuchbeer) July 28, 2022

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— MrKaktus🆖 (@MrKaktus81) July 24, 2022

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is George Jetson’s birthday on July 31 or August 27? I’ve been seeing conflicting screenshots nonetheless regardless of I’ll rejoice every days

— Eli ☀️ (@bluffscastle) July 29, 2022

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A look The Jetsons

The sitcom revolves spherical The Jetsons family, who keep in Orbit City.

George lives in a Skypad Apartments collectively along with his partner, Jane, and their children: a teenage daughter named Judy and a son named Elroy.

The Jetsons have a robotic for a housekeeper and now have a canine named Astro, who has the an identical voice as Scooby-Doo.

George works an hour a day, two days each week, on the Spacely Space Sprockets.

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