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Why I withdrew money from Usifo Ataga’s account, Chindnma confesses


This lady has been making headlines after she killed the CEO of Super tv, Mr. Ufiso. No one should say the guy died for his sins because none of us is perfect. I have seen one of the comments saying, he died for being careless.

How I tied Ataga's hands before killing him and stealing from him because I  needed the money — Chidinma confesses in new video - YabaLeftOnline

Life’s by God’s grace. Nobody can put trust in his/her carefulness. When you drive, when you sleep with a woman or cheating, when you eat or go to work. A lot of careful people died, while also a lot of careless people are living.

How 21-year-old UNILAG Undergraduate Allegedly Murdered SuperTV  BossTHISDAYLIVE

Chidinma Ojukwu, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) student who confessed to the killing of Usifo Autauga, Super TV CEO, says she withdrew money from the deceased’s account to pay “fees” and “start-up a business”.

On June 24, Chidinma was paraded at the state police command for the murder of the businessman while she alleged that he forcefully had sex with her.

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One could say, I would have stayed in the house, probably I could be safe, one would say I would have gotten out of the house, maybe I would be safe. It’s not about what you could have done or what you could have done, your dos and your don’ts can not protect you. To survive, all you need is grace.