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Reality TV star, Whitemoney, says he will not be returning to the university.

The 2021 Big Brother Naija winner stated this in an interview with Punch.

He said his mind is channeled towards making more money rather than going back to the university.

He said “To go and join the strike? Lol. Honestly, no. Right now, my mind is just channeled on making more money. Thankfully, I know the basics that can help me make the money and I’m cool with that.

“During the BB9ja reality programme, cooking happened to be one of your major strengths. How were you able to develop so much passion for cooking, and how well have you leveraged on that strength after winning the show?

“Yes, it (cooking) was, and all thanks to my mom who taught me how to cook. On the leverage part, Well, I have not because I believe that the fact one can cook doesn’t mean you can run a restaurant but I will be launching “Whitemoney party jollof” in a bit.”

He said the reasons why he was not able to complete his education prior his emergence into stardom was because there was no money to finance his education.

He continued “There were two reasons for my incomplete education.  Firstly, there were no finances to see me through school. Secondly, at that point I could tell that going to school wasn’t part of my strength, instead, craft/business was, so I decided to focus on my strength.”

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