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Why Is He Being Sued For Conspiracy Theories


Hesling and Lewis are among the Sandy Hook families filing the lawsuit, saying they have been abusing victims for years because of Sandy Hook’s hoax claims.

Hesling even revealed the severity of his baby’s physical injuries and how he was able to hug his son when he had a bullet hole in his skull. The argument rests on a 2017 Infowars scheme that claimed Heslin was not holding his son.

Jurors saw a school photo of Jesse taken two weeks before his death. The parents didn’t see the photos until after the shoot was over.

Sandy Hooks: Does Alex Jones have cancer?

Alex’s lawyers claim Jones suffered from a stuffy nose, among other health problems, during the court proceedings.

While this has not been confirmed, there are rumors online that he has cancer.

In a court filing on Monday, his lawyers asked the judge to deny the family’s request that he be held in contempt of court in his absence.

Mr. Jones “restarted the broadcast from his studio, explaining to his listeners that an acute medical problem purportedly a few days before his testimony turned out to be “a blockage in his sinuses”, according to documents submitted by the family. lawyers,” the family’s lawyers claimed.

Why was he prosecuted? Trial and court case details

The parents of Sandy Hook victims Jesse Lewis, Neil Hessling, and Scarlett Lewis are suing Jones for defamation.

Jesse, 19 other children, and six adults did not die at the elementary school in the shooting, according to Alex, author of the conspiracy website Infowars, a claim he has made several times.

Jones has now apologized for making the allegations and has been the subject of numerous defamation lawsuits by the Sandy Hook family, who say Jones’ comments harassed them, according to Reuters.

Alex Jones did not appear in court because of Hesling’s testimony. Jones missed most of his testimony during the two-week trial, and when he showed up, he was escorted by a group of bodyguards.

Jones was scheduled to testify alone on the last day of the hearing on Tuesday.

According to Jones, the legal action taken against him violated his First Amendment rights.

What did Alex Jones say to Sandy Hook? conspiracy theory

When the parents of the 6-year-old victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre finally got a chance to meet conspiracy theorist Jones, they struggled to hold back tears.

In the parent’s emotional states throughout the day, the judge chastised the rowdy Jones for saying some of the things he said under oath were untrue.

Neil Hessling and Scarlett Lewis’ son Jesse, who was shot dead in Sandy Hook, testified in a two-week libel damages trial against Jones and his media company’s free speech system.

Earlier that day, Jones told his TV audience that Hesling was “sluggish” and under the influence of demonic forces.

Parents are asking the jury to award them $150 million for defamation and willful emotional distress.

The court will then consider whether to require Jones and his company to provide damages.


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