Why Is Mika Melatika YouTube Account Terminated? Details To Know

Mika Melatika, a Vtuber affiliated with NIJISANJI, currently obtained terminated from YouTube due to the platform’s new protection on nudity content material materials.

Mika Melaktika, as quickly as a sixth wave member of the Old NIJISANJI ID division, and Xia Ekavira and Hyona Elatiora, is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTubers linked with NIJISANJI.

Mika’s Livestream and collabs are repeatedly exuberant and extroverted, with an entire lot of crazy vitality. The Vtuber has her peaceful moments, completely on her solo dwell streams in chat, whereas she is often like this.

Mika Melaktika’s YouTube account was launched on 13 July 2021; however, she debuted on 31 July 2021. Now, her YouTube channel has already reached 150K subscribers.

Why Is Mika Melatika YouTube Account Terminated?

Mika Melatika’s YouTube account was terminated with out warning on 9 May 2022. The expulsion was ensuing from a “serious breached of YouTube’s rules on nudity or sexual content,” in accordance with YouTube.

Melatkia’s YouTube channel obtained banned merely hours after it was suspended with out warning for various totally different VTubers, along with Sakuya Tobair, Keyla Estella, and Kobo Kanaeru.

On Monday, Mika launched what occurred by way of her Twitter submit. She wrote, “Hi! I’m Mika, and I wanted to say that yes, my account on YouTube did get removed during my 150K celebration stream.”

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience it caused everyone and for having the celebration cut shorts like that. It seems that it happened due to massive spam by different BOT accounts that spammed the same vulgar thing in chat.” she wrote, “Despite my and my mods’ attempt at removing these comments almost instantly, it was picked up as a violation which caused the temporary termination my YouTube account.”

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What Happened To Mika Melatika’s YouTube Channel?

Mika Melatika’s channel on YouTube obtained banned all through her 150K celebration stream. The VTuber acknowledged that she did have subscriber-only mode turned on in the intervening time. However, it appeared to have completed nothing to forestall this from going down.

Following Mika’s YouTube channel termination, she tweeted an prolonged submit on Twitter mentioning the exact objective behind it. She moreover assures her well-wishers that each little factor should be once more to common in a number of days.

The membership of Mika’s YouTube members has moreover been paused. But, it’ll hopefully resume once more to common after each little factor will get fixed inside a few days.

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Who Is Mika Melatika YouTube?

Mika Melatika is a digital YouTuber that works for Nijisanji, a digital YouTuber firm that was created in 2018 to promote the utilization of Live2D fashions.

Nijisanji ID, a big digital YouTuber firm, has expanded its operations territory to Indonesia. In October 2019, the Indonesian progress grew to turn out to be official.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Nijisanji ID made his formal debut at Creator Super Fest Jakarta alongside totally different Virtual YouBers, Hana Macchia, ZEA Comelia, and Taka Radjiman.

Mika Melatika, like Hyona Elatiora and Xia Ekavira, made her debut throughout the sixth wave not method again, on 31 July 2021, and 6WS is one different establish for them.

Nijisanji ID’s sixth wave auditions had been first launched on 16 May 2021 by Nijisanji. On 28 July 2021, the members of the sixth wave had been unveiled, along with their debut date.

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Last Modified: May 10, 2022

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