Why Is Mika Melatika YouTube Account Terminated? Who Is She? Age, Net worth & Instagram!

As per the recent reports, the news is coming off where I come to match YouTube account has been terminated permanently from the YouTube as it violets the nudity content material posted by her. Talking about her YouTube channel so she used to collab with different people and also used to do live streams people used to enjoy watching her and whereas there is also an option for Solo streams in the chat. If we talk about her YouTube account so it has been created on 13 July 2021. Mika Channel was already growing too fast because of the content she used to force and talk about her subscribers so in one year she has reached approx 150 k subscribers but the YouTube community send her a warning on 9th May 2022 and it was a very serious message for her so that she can follow the rules and regulation of YouTube and not violating the terms and conditions. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!!

Why Is Mika Melatika YouTube-Account Terminated?

Talking about her YouTube channel so has got banned many times for some time and it was also suspended from the community of YouTube by many other YouTubers. And as per the information, I come posted and twitted on Twitter that she has been suffering and getting a problem from YouTube because her YouTube account has been removed and she was about to get 150 K subscribers and she was very happy to celebrate it. Mika mentioned that she is really sorry and the problem everyone facing because of a YouTube channel when she was about to share and celebrate her 150 ke subscribers on the live stream.

Who Is Mika Melatika?

She said that it is happening because a number of spam has been done to her account and the vulgar things are being sent on her chat this is not a good thing and after removing all the comments YouTube decided to temporary block and terminate her YouTube account for a while. She also said that she will be right back on YouTube very soon and then she said that there was a subscriber-only mode that was on for much long time on her account which is why she is facing so many problems.

She is a very famous Youtuber and everyone use to our content she works under the community of Nijisnaji who is a very famous creator of digital YouTube and it was created in 2018 for the purpose of motivating and promoting the fashion utilization of Live 2D.

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