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Why Men Should Eat Eggs Before Going To Bed



Egg are known to have stunning advantages to the body.They are extremely nutritious and are significant wellspring of proteins,amini acids and vitamins.Many individuals favor expending this food for the most part toward the beginning of the day as breakfast.Also some utilization it as a vegetable when eating ugali.

In this article am going to enlighten you on the benefits men can get from eating eggs before going to bed.

Many men don’t know how eating eggs before going to bed can be beneficial to them.According to research by experts eating eggs are secrets to getting great night sleep.Men who have the problem of falling asleep or struggles to get good night sleep on regular basis are adviced to consume eggs before going to bed.Eggs can be a natural solution to the problem.

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The white section in eggs contains melatonin that helps prepare the body for bedtime and brings a sleeping feeling.Eggs are also packed with amino acids which help you sleep better and for longer.

According to Sharon Natoli an Australian expert and dietician proteins in eggs helps to boost sleep duration.

Getting quality sleep aid in reducing risk of heart diseases,high blood pressure,diabetes and repairing body tissues.Also getting good night sleep is beneficial since it helps improve learning, problem solving skills and improves attention span.

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